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Weekly Recap

Hi guys!

Since I’m so creative and full of blogging ideas I decided to recap my week today.

Okay, fellow Australians can relate but it was 40 degrees Celsius for pretty much the whole week. Me equals dead. And now it’s raining like that’s some sort of redemption.

I’ve lately been very obsessed with…


It’s so weird and funny and reminds me of PLL. I just started it and should soon finish the first season.

On the Blog this week

I do a Cover To Cover on one of my favourite books

I get festive with ‘Tis the season book tag 

I receive a Special Package 

I review A Peculiar Book and A Diverse Book and A Movie with lots of eye candy

This week I also realised that sometimes it’s important to just take a break and relax because life just gets the better of you.

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Book news

October Breakdown

October was the month I started off in Paris, it was the month of coming back home, catching up with a pile of schoolwork and mostly refraining from bragging about the fact that I went to France. It was also a month of a huge accomplishment that you’ll find out soon enough but let’s recap.

Books I read

Ink & Bone by Rachel Caine

A Dystopia with a very interesting concept revolved around books. Worth a read guys.

Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan 

This was like Percy Jackson nostalgia mixed with hilarity. Riordan’s sarcastic humour never gets old and Vikings! who doesn’t love Vikings

Other posts you might be interested in…

Photo Diaries: These are basically documenting my experience in France using photos

Also, you may or may not have heard of this amazing book store called Shakespeare & Co. I kind of went there in France and spent my life savings. Obviously I hauled it. Go here 

Currently Reading

Shit just started getting real in this book so wait for the review guys just you wait.


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August Breakdown | Worst Blogging Month

Alright guys here’s the deal, August was the least active month in terms of blogging and that’s because school and a HUGE life event (which you shall find out about this week) is about to take place.

Books Read


This was probably the MOST talked about book on Social Media in August. I thought it was funny, had a good overall message and confidence boosting

The Catcher in the Rye

Review shall in up in a few weeks

Anna and the French Kiss

This was a re-read and it was just as good the second way around, again review shall be up soon!

Others posts you might have missed

September is going to be one hell good of a month in terms of blogging I promise so hang in there!



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July Breakdown

July was a really great month! I read some awesome books and my life was agreeing with me for the most part so that’s always good!

First and foremost it was birthday month so guess who’s a really old seventeen year old (I still act like a seven year old so it’s all good)

NOTE: Links to the reviews of the following books are in the titles, if you wanna check it out!

What I read

A Court of Thorns & Roses by Sarah.J.Maas 

I had quite an infamous opinion on this one and we’ll leave it at that

Sweet Damage by Rebecca James 

This was a hauntingly enjoyable read and I’m so glad Allen & Unwin encouraged me to pick this up!

Go set a Watchman by Harper Lee

Of course! July was the month this iconic book was released and despite unsure opinions I liked it for the most part.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

To be honest I went into this not expecting to not like it but despite being cliche at times it was a light and fun read.

What I watched

YES I the Paper Towns movie came out and it was funny and entertaining and you can read my review  here.

I haven’t been in the blogosphere this past month mostly because of school and life but this month I’m going to work on being more active on Twitter and keeping up with exciting book news

Have a great August everyone!




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June Breakdown

June was by far the toughest month this year. Juggling life, exams+assignments and blogging is quite the workout.

But the end of June also brings about the second half of the year which is my favourite part

What I read

An Ember in the Ashes 

This was one great action-packed read of the year. The hype was definitely worth it guys

The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly 

Can you believe I read two back to back amazing books? This book is unlike anything you will ever read in your life. Seriously. Get on it.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe 

This one wasn’t as great as the others but still an interesting book about friendship and love

What I Watched

This really shouldn’t be a surprise. The Game of Thrones season finale happened and you can read my entire reaction on it here 

I really don’t have anything else to say. I was absent quite a bit this month on the blog because you know, exams. But hey here are some things to look forward to in July 

-My 17th Birthday (it’s actually tomorrow eek!)

-A blog remakes (wink wink)



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May Breakdown


Anyone else wondering how we’re halfway through the year already? same.

May has been a crazy month of school and more school. But I feel like I also started posting more consistently on the blog.


What I read

The book titles will link to my reviews of the book. Head over only if you want to

Little Women by Louisa-May Alcott 

A magical classic that made me feel like I was reading such a homely tale

Half Wild by Sally Green 

Not as amazing as I expected but it had some swoon-worthy unexpected romance

The Heir by Kiera Cass

Again a pretty mediocre read but it made me feel like a princess

What I watched

I’ve had no time whatsoever to watch movies but I will always find time to watch Game of Thrones.

Season Five is in full swing and I’ve been reviewing every single episode. If you wanna start from the start here you go.

I’ve also been obsessed with The March Family Letters, the Youtube adaptation of Little Women. It’s so entertaining I promise. Go watch it

New on the blog

This month I launched a new feature on the blog!

Introducing Cover To Cover

Where I take a book and analyse all the different editions available in the market until I give a verdict on my favourite one.

There is currently a Cover To Cover post up here on Cinder by Marissa Meyer

That was my month of May. I could list all the ridiculous assignments I had to do but no one wants to hear about that. I hope you had a good month and here’s to an awesome sauce June!


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April Breakdown


While people were celebrating Easter and commemorating 100 Years of Gallipoli I was sitting in my bedroom and doing the following during the month of April

Books I Read

April was not a good reading month but only because I was occupied by other things which will be later mentioned in this post. Oh and just click on the book title to read my review of it…only if you want to.

We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach 


Post-apocalyptic, music centered and philosophical you have got to give this one a chance.

Afterworlds by Scott Westerfield 

Unlike anything I have ever read before. One word. Bookception

Little Women by Louis May Alcott

I just finished it today so there isn’t a review up yet but all I’m gonna is Oh My.

Exciting unrelated to books news!

So this was a bit impulsive and unexpected but you know me I love impulsive so my best friend and I launched a Youtube Channel. It’s just a place for us to get crazy and learn cool video making stuff

But if you wanna watch us be weird you’re more than welcome to!

Things I watched

Okay April was THE month for watching stuff, mostly because I had school holidays and therefore, more time.

Game of Thrones Season Five

No amount of exclamation marks can express my excitement! This was literally my face when the opening song started blaring

Oh and I’ve been reviewing every episode of course so to start from the start go here 

The Duff 

I watched this movie during the holidays and it was hilarious!

Hannibal Season One

I’m still stuck on Season One because Hannibal is like the show I watch when I have nothing else to watch. I like the whole psychological side of it I guess.

Best of Infinityreads

Film Review: Divergent (still haven’t watched Insurgent oops)

Top 10 of 2014 | Best Villains of 2014

Discussion | Losing Creative Freedom

That was my month of April in a nutshell.

April and May are just meh months in my opinion, the fun doesn’t start till July (it’s my birthday wink wink)





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January Breakdown


This is basically a wrap up post where each month I review my Bookish Resolutions and reflect on books/movies/events throughout the month.

January was a solid reading and blogging month.

NOTE: Just click on the book titles which will take you to my review of that particular book (only if you want to)

Some of the best stand-Alones I read throughout the month include: 

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley


I was Here By Gayle Forman

I read possibly the best book of the year… Drum roll….

All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

did Bout of Books #12 which was a lot of fun

Top Five Wednesday has now become a regular feature on my blog

Infinity Reads completed one year in the blogosphere and there’s a giveaway!

Infinity Reads produced its 100th post!


Movies I watched and loved this month include

The Imitation Game 

I mean just look that!

TV shows I watched:

Pretty Little Liars

Literally been obsessed with this show since like 2012

Currently Reading 

Fairest by Marissa Meyer

Wow look how interesting my life is! not really but yeah that’s all the highlights of January. Let me know what you been up to!



Bout of Books #12 WRAP UP

The week has whizzed by ending my first read-a-thon for 2015!

I can say I am quite satisfied as I didn’t set crazy unrealistic goals of reading like 10 000 pages or something and just enjoyed reading without worry for once.

Books Finished:

Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas

Stay tuned for a review on this blog TOMORROW

Books nearly finished 

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Just one of those books you need to really take it all in. I have about 50 pages to go.

Total Pages Read: 608

That number is quite an achievement for moi because I do think I’m quite a slow reader. GO ME

What I plan on reading next:

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

About time I reckon.


How did your reading go? I hope you’re off to a great start!

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Booktube-a-thon FAIL

As you know for the past week I participated in the booktube-a-thon. 

And this is how it went down

1) I slept through all the twitter sprints
twitter sprint= this allocated time on the booktube-a-thon twitter where everyone came together and read for this collective amount of time. This was a HUGE part of the booktube-a-thon trust me. And I slept through it all
What can i say I was on school break
2) I didn’t participate in ANY of the giveaway challenges 
Mind you all of them seemed so much fun but I just couldn’t find the enthusiasm to do it. I was so out of it last week.
3) But I did read and that was the whole point of the booktube-a-thon right? to read as many books as you can
I read the following:
  • Half Bad by Sally Green
  • If I stay by Gayle Forman
  • Where she went by Gayle Forman 

However, I failed to finish my fourth book, Death note vol.1. Never read Manga before and it so much longer than I thought like a 100 chapters long. Is that normal for Mangas?

So yea, there’s my great week of reading. How was your week? I hope you were in a more uplifted mood than I was.

Goodbye 🙂