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Loss of Innocence

I recently finished reading The Catcher in the Rye for school and as with any book read in school we have to write an essay.

One of, if not THE, central message of the novel is ‘losing your innocence’ and diving into adulthood from childhood, which got me thinking what does loss of innocence actually mean?

If you look at the definition of innocence, it’s often associated with purity or being naive.

And I think children are very pure, in the sense that they don’t let external factors affect their opinion of someone or something.

To illustrate my point, if Little Jhonny thinks you’re a bad man he’s going to say it (that’s a very bad example) but I believe children are very perceptive when it comes to differing right from wrong. There are no grey areas. It’s just black or white

But as we get older we’re taught to process our thoughts and process what we’re going to say. I can’t just blurt out every single thing I think of someone, but as a child you can get away with that. Which leads me to the question

Is what we say or express actually a representation of ourselves or is it mostly a product of our environment?

There’s comes a point, I guess adolescence would be a perfect example, where we stop being completely and truly ourselves and becomes this thing called a part of society. We conform to opinions and behaviours and music tastes, not entirely but still.

And I guess that’s what loss of innocence means: losing yourself.

NOTE: This post may or may not make sense or be highly accurate, but just my opinion, just throwing it out there.



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