Photo Diary | The Past Two Weeks 

Hello everybody !

You may or may not have noticed that I’ve been inactive recently and that’s because I’ve had a lovely guest over from France staying with me for the past two weeks. We’ve had some of the best days together and I decided I’d share some with you !


I hope to return to France one day and make just as incredible memories with this incredible human. Hope you guys liked the photos x


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Photo Diary | Underneath Paris 

Guys I just realised this will be my last photo diary from France so hope you enjoy! 

Upon my request we went to the Catacombs which was the coolest experience ever. 

It also made us reflect on life and death and interpreting ancient French quotes surrounded by skulls underneath the world’s most beautiful city was fun too 

We continued onto the Pompidou Centre which is a modern art museum. It was cool but I like the Louvre better 


I’ve shown you all the pictures I can from France. I hope you enjoyed these posts and I hope they made you want to go to Paris 


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Photo Diary | Notre Dame & Paris by Night 

This was the day I had been looking forward to the most. Notre Dame guys. Point Zero guys. Anna and the French Kiss guys ahh and of course who doesn’t like seeing the Eiffel Tower all lit up

Point Zero 

Me standing on Point Zero 

Pretty chandeliers inside the cathedral   

I could look at stained glass windows all day 


Here is the best shot I got of the Eiffle Tower by night 


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Photo Diary | Eiffel Tower Climb 

It was the most windy and cold morning but this was the moment my entire life had been leading up to. Climbing the Tower    
Necessary under the tower selfies of course 

We luckily caught the sunrise 

The guy who built the tower 

Paris from above 

We also visited the Arc De Triomphe and champs Élysées where I bought the best macaroons 

Home of the Illuminati. The Louvre 

She’s not that magnificent in real life trust me I don’t get why it’s such a big deal 

Venus de Milo 

For Dan Brown readers. It’s the Holy Grail guys!

Love lock bridge where nothing lasts forever 

This very tumblr photo of the Parisian metro map that I took in my hotel room. 

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Photo Diary | Paris 

Here comes the part my whole life led up to. Paris. I’ve dreamed of that city ever since I was seven and I barely even knew what bonjour meant 

Fun fact: The Eiffel Tower is actually so HUGE. The photos do not do justice 
Casual selfies under the tower 


Cleopatra’s needle  

We also went to Versailles. For those who don’t know this was basically the summer lodge of the King during the monarchy   

The chateau is absolutely magnificent. It reeks of royalty   

The Hall of Mirrors was so so beautiful oh!  

These were the King and Queen’s bedroom   

We didn’t get to spend much time in the gardens but they were vast and gorgeous   

We took a boat ride around Paris in as you can see glorious weather   


See you in the next post!  

Book news

October Breakdown

October was the month I started off in Paris, it was the month of coming back home, catching up with a pile of schoolwork and mostly refraining from bragging about the fact that I went to France. It was also a month of a huge accomplishment that you’ll find out soon enough but let’s recap.

Books I read

Ink & Bone by Rachel Caine

A Dystopia with a very interesting concept revolved around books. Worth a read guys.

Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan 

This was like Percy Jackson nostalgia mixed with hilarity. Riordan’s sarcastic humour never gets old and Vikings! who doesn’t love Vikings

Other posts you might be interested in…

Photo Diaries: These are basically documenting my experience in France using photos

Also, you may or may not have heard of this amazing book store called Shakespeare & Co. I kind of went there in France and spent my life savings. Obviously I hauled it. Go here 

Currently Reading

Shit just started getting real in this book so wait for the review guys just you wait.


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Photo diary | French Food 

Onwards with the journey. Admit it, you’ve all been waiting for the day you could see what I’ve been hogging down in France    
Came across a certain bastard street. Jon snow must live here 😂

 Beautiful stained glass windows all over France 

Even their town hall is glorious 

We had a cooking completion and above is my table and below were the competitions. My team won, obviously! 

 St Malo really is something 

Departing for Paris. You know what the next post is going to be 


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Photo Diary | Mythical Forest 

Part of my time in France involved exploring a mythical forest related to the legend of merlin and King Arthur. Needless to say it was pretty freaking awesome 

But first let’s go to a little French town where I shared my first French crepe with my best friend..   
On a boat ride where double rainbows happened. Also, it looked like the riviera 

Exploring islands 


 Now comes the mythical forest part…here’s a thousand year old tree 
An information board explaining merlin’ dark magic fountain 

The hike to merlin’s fountain 

This is where merlin performed dark magic arts!    
Some pretty mushrooms 

An information board explaining the tree of gold 


It’s actual gold and it’s protected guys 

Pretty castle which was closed for renovation    
Hope you enjoyed more France photos. I’m trying not to flood you guys with them haha 


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Book Haul | Shakespeare & Conpany 

I couldn’t go to France and not visit Shakespeare & Company. It’s been a dream of mine ever since I read it in Anna and the French Kiss. No amount of time could’ve been enough for me to explore in there and take in the overwhelming mass of books literally floor to ceiling. But I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking



The doormat had quite a lot to say..

Upstairs was filled with writer’s cubby holes and I’m talking Hemmingway kinda writers

The Haul!


Let’s take a moment to appreciate the tote bag which I’m tote-ally gonna rock every day



As a souvenir and also because I love Shakespeare I got Macbeth. I was trying to find a similar copy of Hamlet but no luck. The pages are gold bordered like so



We’d just been to Notre Dame and I wanted to learn more about it so


I also got this cool notebook to put all my blogging ideas in. It’s got some famous writers associated with the store.


Every book comes stamped upon request


Some bookmarks

These were the steps leading up to the writer’s cubby hole


I also got a post card because why not

Other books from France!


Paris has many street bookstores selling second hand books which was like my dream come true. I soon discovered most of the books were in French and settled upon buying the French version of Lolita. I plan on buying the English version and hope to build on my French vocab. Let’s hope it’s not too dirty


France also has amazing McDonald’s. Seriously guys, if you ever go to France, try their maccas. I, typically, bought a Happy Meal and received a French picture book. How cute is that! It’s Puss in Boots in French!

This was my experience at Shakespeare & Co. Hopefully it wasn’t my only one, I hope to return there one day and spend even more money. If you guys have any burning questions feel free to leave ’em in the comments!



Photo Diary | France 

As you may or may not be aware, I travelled to France for three weeks with my school. Here is the story told in pictures…

Parisian Trees…


On the train to Redon, Brittany

The courtyard of the school we ‘studied’ in

The ancient buildings of the school seriously reminded me of Hogwarts

The school Chapel..

Roman Carvings all around the school corridors


There was Graffiti everywhere


The streets reminded me of Game of Thrones, particularly the area around the High Sept


They have the pretties buildings in France!

I hope you liked the first few photos from France, I’m really trying not to bombard you guys

Next Photo Diary I take you to a Mythical forest (Hint: Think Merlin and King Arthur)