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How Do You Read?

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So you know that voice inside your head that narrates the story as you read the text on the page?

I just realised that most authors that I have read up to this point in my life have been of either American or British descent and also almost all of the books I have read were published in western society.

This got me thinking

The voice the author had while writing say a set of dialogue is different to the voice I hear when I read the exact same dialogue.

For example, if I’m reading a novel where two American teenagers go to a burger joint I’m assuming the author gave them American accents and western mannerisms.


As reading is a subconscious endeavour, despite the characters being American I give them the Australian accent I grew up learning. This is simply because I haven’t been exposed to real world American accents as much

Doesn’t that strike you as the weirdest thing?

50 people in a room could be reading the exact same page but since they have different backgrounds, life experiences etc ultimately they’re never really reading the exact same page.

I guess this is a really good way of understanding diversity and how when we travel beyond surface level everybody has a completely different worldview from yours.

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Your Bookshelf Is Your Identity

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Have you ever thought about how the books you read help shape your identity?

In the process of moving house most of my books were lying in my garage in boxes so I thought it was about time they went on a bookshelf

A queer thing happened as I started putting together my bookshelf

I realised I simply did not want to display or keep certain books.

While these books had bought me great joy at a point in time, they did not represent the person I am at this moment and part of it is because I have grown out of those genres.

16 year old me would never even think of touching a non fiction book let alone a self help book but 19 year old me proudly displays her collection of historic, political and spiritual books.

This got me thinking, the books we read end up forming such a big part of our identity. I know it seems like every book doesn’t leave its mark but if you’re an avid reader, over time, the myriad of books you’ve read becomes a physical representation of the person you were at certain points in time.

In my early teens, I was a sucker for fantasy, contemporary and romance novels but as I’ve grown my taste has changed into classics, psychological and spiritual readings.

How much of your identity comes from the books you read?

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Book Review | Turtles All The Way Down

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I feel like John Green always delivers a unique addition to the coming of age genre. This wasn’t my favourite book ever or anything but like any other John Green book, it left its mark

The protagonist Aza is unlike anything I’ve ever read before. Right from the beginning the reader can tell that a lot of research and meticulation went into creating this character with all these problems. She almost felt too flawed at times but maybe that was the point. This book allows you to get inside the head of someone who is literally struggling with their mental health on a cellular level. It’s not an easy task to put yourself in someone’s shoes so deeply and Green does that beautifully.

In terms of the plot itself, while the mysterious disappearance does attract you at the beginning, you soon realise that it is not the main attraction of this novel. I think the message Green was trying to send across by making the mystery secondary was that in real life mysteries aren’t all that grand. This isn’t a dramatic thriller novel after all. It does however, work as an element of intrigue throughout the whole novel.

In comparison to Aza the rest of the characters felt quite flat, like they were placeholders. I really didn’t feel the overwhelming romance shining through. I did however, enjoy the perspective that the novel gives you. I mean you’re always going from being close to Aza on a cellular level to zooming out and seeing the story as a whole.


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Where Is This Blog Going?

So it’s been a while

I went to university and came back and in between all that Infinity Reads sat neglected.

It’s funny how when you move to college your priorities shift completely. I mean for me grocery shopping and cramming at the library took precedence over blogging

And that is understandable I suppose

But I miss blogging. I’ve never cared much about the numbers but I miss the feeling of sending something that is so completely mine out into the world! I miss the creative process

So I’m back.

I’m not going to make any promises of regular posts or anything but at this point I have quite a lot of content I want to share

On a side note. Do people read blogs anymore?

I hope they do

Anyways, if you’ve been gone a while like I have, welcome back to Infinity Reads!

You can expect the usual book related posts, travel posts (tons of those!) and also lifestyle posts because I’ve become something of a life coach this past year


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5 New Releases I Wish I Had Time To Read

May 2017 promises to be a very exciting month for YA novels, which makes me inexplicably sad because with exams and assignments looming I have no time to read them!

But hey, a girl can dream right? Maybe I’ll give you some reading inspiration in the process?

A Court of Wings and Ruin (A Court of Thorns and Roses #3)



Okay if you haven’t heard of this or this series you’ve been living under a rock. Seriously SJ Maas is the queen of YA fantasy and there’s nothing I’d rather be doing that plowing through her books

The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich 



This one sounds super interesting. It’s about spies pretending to be love interests and these two boys fighting over a girl. I know it sounds cliche but sometimes cliche is all you need

One of Us Is Lying by Karen McManus 



I came across this book way back when and it has resurfaced. So murder mystery. In a high school setting. I’ve been watching Riverdale and this sounds right up my ally

When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon



Okay so another cliche but I think this one would be good for the diversity pool. Basically as an Indian teenager I feel like I would be able to relate to this book on another level. But it’s about these two kids who are kind of getting set up by their parents so should be hilarious

Always and Forever, Lara Jean (To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before #3)



I feel there hasn’t been a time on this blog when I haven’t spoken about this book. It’s another cliche but it’s so sweet and just, reading this would be like having an ultimate pamper session.

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5 New Series To Start in 2017

Hit a reading slump? Have an urge to get invested in a series? Want to be the cool kid on the block who’s read the brand new series? Here are 5 series starting in 2017 that you should totally get on

Warcross (Warcross #1) by Marie Lu 


Expected Publication Date: October 3rd

The Lowdown: A novel based on a game called Warcross. There’s gambling, hacking, a badass female protagonist and a whole lot of sci-fi thirll

Caraval (Caraval #1) by Stephanie Garber 


Expected Publication Date: 31st January

The Lowdown: These two sisters have an evil father and they try to run away. Basically one sister ends up becoming the prize money of this magical show that the other sister has been obssessed with. So the other sister tries to save the sister that’s being held hostage and chaos ensues.

The Gatlon School for Vigilantes (The Gatlon Trilogy #1) by Marissa Meyer 

Expected Publication Date: November 7th

The Lowdown: Two schools in Gatlon city. One is elite, one has a reputation. As secrets unfurl about the two schools it becomes hard to tell which one might be the enemy.

Strange and Dreamer (Strange and Dreamer #1) by Laini Taylor 


Expected Publication Date: 28th March

The Lowdown: A super vague, super mystical novel which has underlying poetic hues.

Wires and Nerves Volume 1 by Marissa Meyer


Expected Publication Date: 31st January

The Lowdown: For anyone who has read the Lunar Chronicles this is a graphic novel about Iko, the Android. The graphic novel follows Iko’s path in life and love and all things wires and nerves.


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My Favourite Bookstagrams 

Among other things taking aesthetically pleasing photos of books is an art in itself. I compiled a list of my favourite book dedicated Instagram accounts so we can sit here and marvel together!

First up is Cait from Paper Futy 

I mean just look at the beautiful flower theme and just ahh like goals. Absolute goals. 

Next up is the loonytuney Insta which is glorious in all its pastel and rainbow glory 

I just love people who can stick to an Instagram theme. Monochrome is always a winner so this one goes to sammy!

Can’t go wrong with a couple of fairy lights. Kori’s Instagram looks just delightful and magical 

Ahh look how cute and colourful! It’s bright and fun and fresh. Love 

Give a follow to all the people mentioned in this post and I hope they don’t mind me sharing their creations! 

If you’d like to please follow me on Instagram as well @infinity.reads 

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If You Like This…You’ll Also Like This

So who doesn’t like book recommendations. Especially around this time of the year when we’re all trying to better ourselves and broaden our horizons. So here goes

If you like….

Image result for all the bright places

You will also like…

Image result for eleanor and park

Both books filled with these sweet love stories that encompass mental health issues and body image and growing up. It’s almost a given that if you’ve read one you’ll read the other

If you like….

Image result for anna and the french kiss

You will also like..

Image result for to all the boys i loved before

If you love a good contemporary read, these two books are your go to! One takes you around Paris and its romance while the other has its own charm with high school romances and yummy recipes.

If you like…

Image result for Illuminae

You will also like…

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Illumnae is heavily focused on science-fiction and takes place outside of Earth yet it’s got humour and philosophy, which is where it is similar to WALU. We All Looked Up goes behind the philosophical meaning of existence as an asteroid prepares to destroy Earth.

I hope you found some good reading suggestions in this post. Don’t worry, I hope to do many more in the future because who doesn’t love book recommendations?

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I Miss Reading

I miss reading.

Not the kind of reading where you skim over your Twitter feed or the kind where you submerge your novel in a plethora of sticky notes because your grade depends on it.

I miss the kind of reading that nullifies your world until there is just you and the book.

The turn of each crisp page, the weight of the book in your lap, your shoulders and eyes begging for a rest- all these things seem irrelevant. Because it’s the stories I miss. It’s the people.

Reading gave me the freedom to explore not just countries but universes. It made me feel eager to pack my suitcase and escape to these worlds yet, just the mere act of reading made me feel like I was co-existing with these characters and that was plenty for me.

I miss the quiet that followed the conclusion of each book. Where I was left alone to ponder. What are these characters doing now? I’d wonder. I’d sit there in awe of all the feelings that a book is able to imprint upon you. How do words have so much power? they’re just lines on paper after all.

What I miss the most is the stillness that came with reading. In a world full of chaos, I had something that let me feel at peace and it made me feel alive.

I miss reading.

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Books I Wish I Could Read

So I have no time.

And no money.

And I’ve read all the books on my bookshelf.

Do you see my problem yet?

So I decided to make a wishlist for all the books I’d love to be reading currently but I can’t because school or sleep deprivation.

The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater 


Just look how beautiful the cover is and it’s the last book in the series and I am absolutely DYING to know what’s gonna happen!

The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan


This just came out like yesterday but I need me some Rick Riordan in my life like right now

On the Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta


I have been meaning to read this book for a solid five years now but never got around to it like UGH


Thanks for the Trouble by Tommy Wallach


Okay so I don’t know much about this book but Tommy is one of my all time fav authors and he’s coming to my city like next week and AHH

PS: I still Love you 


Ever since I read the prequel I’ve wanted to pick this book up, I mean I liked the first book but I didn’t love it you know so this one’s always been on the back bench

I hope you enjoyed looking at my wishlist and let me know what books you’re wishing for currently!