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Where To Buy Cheap Books

It has come to my attention that not many people are aware about all the amazing booksellers available these days. For us Australians its especially a struggle because books (and everything) is quiet pricey here. So, these are some of the places I buy books from and in my personal opinion are cheap or affordable.

This is my go to when it comes to buying books!

Pros: You can literally find ANY book and the price of an average book is around AU$15. Classics are usually even AU$5 depending on the edition. Plus pretty bookmarks anyone?

Cons: Delivery to Australia takes 2 weeks or more which mean I’m waiting for a LONG time

An Australian based online bookseller

Pros: Their books are sometimes even cheaper than Book Depository. They have regular sales going on and if you join their mailing list you get codes for No Shipping Periods!

Cons: it costs AU$6.95 for shipping per order but more often than not you can take advantage of their no shipping offer.

This used to be go to back in the day but since they’ve introduced shipping charges it’s become more of a last resort option for me.

Pros: Literally takes less than a week for your orders to arrive and they have coupons!

Cons: Can be on the pricier side, definitely more expensive than Book Depository. Shipping is now AU$5.50. For more information on shipping go here 

Every Australian is aware of Dymocks because it is literally the only bookseller in Australia, not the only but it is the most famous.

Pros: You can get the book instantly, just stroll into the bookstore. This is especially helpful with new releases.

Cons: It’s definitely more expensive than online bookstores

This is usually a hit or miss for me. If I’m really feeling like digging for the cheapest price I’d go on Ebay

Pros: You might end up getting cheaper books and with faster free shipping as well (hit or miss)

Cons: Doesn’t have as big a selection of books as a bookseller would. Might end up being more expensive than a bookseller (depending)

Those are some of the places where I buy my books! I know Americans have a lot more options such as Amazon, Barnes & Nobles but us deprived Australians have to make do with what we have. Let me know fellow Aussies if I missed any places!



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