Book Review | The Messenger

After reading the Book Thief and absolutely loving it, I knew I had to pick this one up.

Set in generic Australian town, the novel explores concepts of love, loss and identity through a very unique perspective and mechanism.

Ed is a messenger. This means he receives one card from a deck on which are instructions he has to follow in order to make people’s lives better. What I liked about this novel is that it tells you that doing even the smallest things for people can make their life better than you can imagine. The book teaches you how to treat people, especially the forgotten ones in our society.

Ed had a clear and distinct voice from the start and he was a realistic character. I mean as with any other 19 year old he was lost and confused and of course in love. I also like how he wasn’t superhuman, I mean for the most part he was an average aussie bloke. 19057

I absolutely powered through the book because of the fact that it was so gripping, I mean you’re constantly asking yourself what the next card will be. I like how in the end, the book comes full circle and Ed has to fix his own life. The ending was truly very inceptional. Some might call it a bizarre book to be honest but I just think it presented philosophical concepts in an interesting way.


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Handmaid’s Tale | Book vs TV Series

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One of the most anticipated adaptions of  the year was Margaret Atwood’s dystopian phenomena.

When the first read the book, it left such a lasting impact on me. The themes of feminism, fertility and control echo so prominently in our society that the novel’s relevance is eerie.

So of course having watched the show and read the book, I just wanted to comment on the differences and the similarities.

For the most part, the book and series stay on the same track. The cinematography and world building in the show is done incredibly well. The actors themselves deserve great recognition. The show captured the whole monologue sequence of the book really well.

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However, Offred, the main character, in the book seemed cold and distant even to the reader, same with some of the other characters. So I appreciate that the show managed to capture the characters in a more vivid light, they seem more like people.

The treatment of women in the show is also very graphic, just to drive in the point that what is happening is unjust. Some things that were not explicitly mentioned in the novel include some of the torture methods, how devastating it actually is for the Handmaid’s to be separated from their children etc.

Of course, the fact that Ofglen has a storyline in the show is a major point of difference. I read somewhere that the producers really wanted to explore her story and they did that so painfully well.

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The show just seems to amplify everything like the affair with the driver. Offred’s family isn’t explored as  vividly in the novel as it is in the show. Even life before Gillead was not explored thoroughly in the novel.

I understand that the show has endless means of explorations especially becomes the novel was written such a long time ago. I like where they are going with it though and cannot wait for season 2!

Book Review | Another Day

So after I was completely blown away by Every Day, it was only natural that I read the companion novel.

One of my concerns was that Rhiannon’s perspective and voice would not be different from the protagonist’s in Every Day. I was so wrong. Rhainnon has such a quiet, complex perspective on the world. Levitahn does a brilliant job of creating three dimensional characters, you feel like you’re a part of their lives.

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This novel again made me think of how we end up living the same life every day and take so much for granted. But this novel also created a realistic setting where sometimes I felt frustrated with Rhiannon.

The novel so beautifully portrays teenage love and heartbreak and the need to hold onto something even if its damaging for you. It explores the fact that mental affects even the most ‘normal’ people

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It was good to see how Rhiannon perceived the protagonist changing bodies every day. This gave rise to her prejudices and her perceptions about race. Because the reality is that people are flawed and prejudice does play a role in it. It was also interesting to see how her perception on attraction changed day to day as well. 18459855


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Five Reasons NOT To Travel

In light of my recent post about five reasons to go travelling NOW, I only thought it fitting to give you five reasons not to go travelling

Because everyone else is doing it

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I mean the whole point of a trend is that everyone is getting on it right. But like what I mean to say is that don’t go to Bali because everyone else is going to Bali. If you hate humidity and coconuts you’re gonna hate Bali. Ask yourself where your own interest lie.

To brag on Instagram

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Or any other social media. I mean part of what makes our generation amazing is that we’re able to share our lives with thousands of people but your primary reasons to travel should not be to give yourself a nice insta feed.

To empty your bank account

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When I say go travel  I don’t mean drop everything and leave. Try being a good, budget traveller, you wanna come out rich in experiences, not material things. Although a little splurge never hurt anyone

To get away from something/someone

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Don’t use travelling as an excuse to run away from your problems because that will only make the journey that much less enjoyable

I could try and think of a fifth reason but i just love travelling too much so i hope the four suffice!

Book Review | Every Day by David Levithan

This book was unlike anything I’ve read before and I’ve read a lot of books.

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The idea of someone waking up in a different body every day was enough to get me hooked. But this someone happened to be a teenager who got to experience the life of a different teenager every day. This gave the novel the chance to explore legit every teenage issue from gender, identity, mental illness, body image. It is incredible how many ground this novel managed to cover.

Levithan has this amazing ability to give his protagonist such a distinct voice, despite being in a different body, the perspective is always the same. The character development was so complex. You understood the protagonist’s need for love and comfort and a chance at a normal teenage experience but there was always the fact that his body would change.

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What I love about this novel is that it really makes you think. It makes you think about how much the inside matters but also about how much the outside matters. It makes you think about the experiences we have living in the same body every day and how we take most of them for granted. How we forget that everyone is living in their own world. It makes you think of how ginormous the universe really is.

I must admit, at the beginning I thought this novel was going to be another sappy love story but I was hooked. I was hooked because I wanted to see who he would wake up as next. I was hooked because there’s this cult war going on in the novel. I was hooked because you could never tell how the novel was going to end. Related image

And I wanted more so I read the companion novel from the girl’s perspective.

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Five Reasons To Go Travelling Now

Travelling has become one of the biggest trends of our time and I cannot resist joining the wagon. If you’re not already convinced, let me give you five reasons to go explore the world!

That Feeling

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My number one reason to go travelling is to have that feeling. You know that feeling where you realise how beautiful our world is and you don’t want to take out your phone just yet because it might just ruin the moment you’re having?

Go travel for that feeling.

To gain more knowledge

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While reading books gives you plenty of knowledge, travelling is a more proactive way of gaining that knowledge. You see new places, history, language, human existence, it all comes down to one experience.

The Food

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I don’t know about you but put something new on my plate and it might just become my next fav food. When you go travelling you’re bound to come across a culture or city’s local foods that you won’t find in your home town. That is an adventure in itself

You’ll have a story to tell

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No matter where the adventure takes you, you’ll have a story to tell and that will shape the person you are. You’ll grow and learn as you navigate a city’s subway system or learn how to use chopsticks.

It will make you more empathetic

In a world where people just can’t help but turn against each other, travelling the world and learning a thing or two without relying on the media might just help make you a better person.

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Book Review | Wayfarer

I haven’t done a book review in soo long,I’m not sure I remember how to write one. 20983366

So, I absolutely loved the first instalment in this series which was Passenger. Much of what I loved about Passenger was lacking in this novel. With Passenger I really felt like a traveller, it gave me the thrill of exploring new places and gave me ideas of what I’d like to see for myself in real life.

Wayfarer was SO focused on the Astrolobe and the plotline that it forgot to put the fun back in travelling. The essence of another time, another place wasn’t really captured because the characters were so busy jumping from one place to another. I really felt if the book had been broken into three parts rather than two, we would’ve got that slow build up.

I liked how the book challenged the philosophical aspects of travelling and asked questions about changing the course of history etc. The character build up was incredible, I mean everyone was discovering mysterious parts of themselves and grappling with their emotions.

For much of the novel, I felt there was a mellow sort of tone to it all. It was lacking that thrill. Although I did enjoy the quips and wit of some of the side characters.

In terms of the resolution, I think I’m okay with it.


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