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Photo Diary | Mythical Forest 

Part of my time in France involved exploring a mythical forest related to the legend of merlin and King Arthur. Needless to say it was pretty freaking awesome 

But first let’s go to a little French town where I shared my first French crepe with my best friend..   
On a boat ride where double rainbows happened. Also, it looked like the riviera 

Exploring islands 


 Now comes the mythical forest part…here’s a thousand year old tree 
An information board explaining merlin’ dark magic fountain 

The hike to merlin’s fountain 

This is where merlin performed dark magic arts!    
Some pretty mushrooms 

An information board explaining the tree of gold 


It’s actual gold and it’s protected guys 

Pretty castle which was closed for renovation    
Hope you enjoyed more France photos. I’m trying not to flood you guys with them haha 


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