9 Life Lessons I’ve Learnt From Blogging

Hey all!

Alright I’ve been fretting about this post for days now because guess what?

This is my 100th Post!

I am going to be hitting that publish button for the hundredth time today which is crazy and exciting and is another proof of time escaping us.

Now I’ve been blogging for 11 months and 20 days now (yes I have to be specific) which is a considerable amount of time to have learnt a few things about myself or my blog. This post might just turn into a letter to my past self but I hope you find these tips helpful and maybe you can relate to some?

9.Be Patient

Possibly one of the most important things ever. You won’t get hundreds of followers in one day or thousand of views and that’s okay because as with all good things in life, they take time and hard work and I promise you in the end it all pays off.

Plus you’re left with one of the greatest qualities: Patience

Which leads me onto the next one

8. Success is NOT in the numbers

Despite contrary belief, how successful you are isn’t dependent on how many followers you have but the quality of these followers. The appreciation, the loyalty, the support at the end will always be most memorable. Let’s roll in a quote form The Fault in Our Stars to further emphasize my point.

See the thing is… we all want to be remembered. We all want to leave a mark. But not Hazel. Hazel is different. Hazel knows the truth. She didn’t want a million admirers, she just wanted one. And she got it. Maybe she wasn’t loved widely but she was loved deeply. And isn’t that more than most of us get?

7.Get Involved

Follow that author on Twitter, participate in a read-a-thon, Become part of a Goodreads group or shoot an email to that Publisher. There is nothing more fulfilling than belonging to a community, being able to share ideas and feelings . I have honestly found so much support and an overall sense of involvement from being part of this book community.

6.Having a Plan helps

Organise a blog timetable but DON’T over specify. Having a rough idea of posts will give you an idea of the general direction your blog is heading in and means you won’t be ripping your hair out trying to come up with maybe not the best ideas. (Trust me it has happened)

In saying that though….

5.Take a Leap of Faith

Or in my words Be Impulsive. It’s good to have blog posts planned out but oftentimes when you have this instinct to just write something and ramble on DO IT! Some of my best posts are the ones I don’t even think about and just type, let the words flow because when inspiration strikes nobody can get in your way.

4.Consistency is Key

Have a schedule for when and how many times you’re gonna post in a week/month. It establishes a nice routine and your readers keep getting their weekly dose so everybody is happy in the end. Also, this is something that I do personally, changing your blog theme literally every month is only going to add an unnecessary work load. Stay consistent.

3.It is Okay to hit a Slump

I just recently got out of one. It seems like nothing you write or do is good enough to be published and there’s this bug in your head talking absolute crap about your blog and you know what? Let it. Take a break. It will eventually pass and you’ll return with double the energy!

2.One man’s treasure is another man’s trash

Don’t read too much into that quote I just wanted to sound all metaphorical. But what I really mean is,  sometimes the posts you put your most heart and soul into won’t necessarily get the most appreciation or views and that’okay because what you like writing about and what your readers like reading about might be different things. Blogging is all about coming to a mutual understanding with your audience so that everyone is satisfied.

And lastly but not leastly….

1.Your blog is about YOU

Your blog should reflect YOU and your interests and ideas. It’s great to be inspired by others but just because everyone around  you is going self-hosted or you feel like you need fancy social media buttons just because everyone else has them doesn’t mean you should do it. Add fancy buttons only if YOU want to, go self-hosted only when YOU feel ready because heck this little internet space? it’s about you, it’s been about you since the moment you posted your first post so keep it that way.

Don’t be swayed by the tide because you might end up drowning

That was a terrible quote wasn’t it? oh well! I hope I didn’t contradict myself too much and I hope these are actual relateable things and not just alien ramblings from my brain. Okay I’ll see you next time for the 101st time 🙂

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7 thoughts on “9 Life Lessons I’ve Learnt From Blogging”

  1. I notice a new design here. I LOVE it! It has such a fresh feeling to it. It’s cheerful and cute! Nice one! Love this post! and CONGRATULATIONS on 100 posts! You’re definitely right about patience. The blog timetable I’m still having trouble with.

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