Photo Diary | South Australia 

Sharing some more naturistic shots I captured during my solitary period in this state. 

Book news

My Favourite Bookstagrams 

Among other things taking aesthetically pleasing photos of books is an art in itself. I compiled a list of my favourite book dedicated Instagram accounts so we can sit here and marvel together!

First up is Cait from Paper Futy 

I mean just look at the beautiful flower theme and just ahh like goals. Absolute goals. 

Next up is the loonytuney Insta which is glorious in all its pastel and rainbow glory 

I just love people who can stick to an Instagram theme. Monochrome is always a winner so this one goes to sammy!

Can’t go wrong with a couple of fairy lights. Kori’s Instagram looks just delightful and magical 

Ahh look how cute and colourful! It’s bright and fun and fresh. Love 

Give a follow to all the people mentioned in this post and I hope they don’t mind me sharing their creations! 

If you’d like to please follow me on Instagram as well @infinity.reads 


Photo Diary | The Past Two Weeks 

Hello everybody !

You may or may not have noticed that I’ve been inactive recently and that’s because I’ve had a lovely guest over from France staying with me for the past two weeks. We’ve had some of the best days together and I decided I’d share some with you !


I hope to return to France one day and make just as incredible memories with this incredible human. Hope you guys liked the photos x


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Photo diary | French Food 

Onwards with the journey. Admit it, you’ve all been waiting for the day you could see what I’ve been hogging down in France    
Came across a certain bastard street. Jon snow must live here 😂

 Beautiful stained glass windows all over France 

Even their town hall is glorious 

We had a cooking completion and above is my table and below were the competitions. My team won, obviously! 

 St Malo really is something 

Departing for Paris. You know what the next post is going to be 


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Photo Diary | Mythical Forest 

Part of my time in France involved exploring a mythical forest related to the legend of merlin and King Arthur. Needless to say it was pretty freaking awesome 

But first let’s go to a little French town where I shared my first French crepe with my best friend..   
On a boat ride where double rainbows happened. Also, it looked like the riviera 

Exploring islands 


 Now comes the mythical forest part…here’s a thousand year old tree 
An information board explaining merlin’ dark magic fountain 

The hike to merlin’s fountain 

This is where merlin performed dark magic arts!    
Some pretty mushrooms 

An information board explaining the tree of gold 


It’s actual gold and it’s protected guys 

Pretty castle which was closed for renovation    
Hope you enjoyed more France photos. I’m trying not to flood you guys with them haha 



Photo Diary | France 

As you may or may not be aware, I travelled to France for three weeks with my school. Here is the story told in pictures…

Parisian Trees…


On the train to Redon, Brittany

The courtyard of the school we ‘studied’ in

The ancient buildings of the school seriously reminded me of Hogwarts

The school Chapel..

Roman Carvings all around the school corridors


There was Graffiti everywhere


The streets reminded me of Game of Thrones, particularly the area around the High Sept


They have the pretties buildings in France!

I hope you liked the first few photos from France, I’m really trying not to bombard you guys

Next Photo Diary I take you to a Mythical forest (Hint: Think Merlin and King Arthur)