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Event Recap | Meeting SJ Maas

Saturday 23rd November 2015

Dear Reader,

Today was very eventful.

I woke up and packed my Throne of Glass series along with ACOTAR in my Shakespeare & Co. bag in the hopes that by the end of the day they would all be signed by my favourite author. I also tried to cram in exam revision without any success.

Walking 50 paces into Supanova I spotted a queue labelled ‘SARAH’. I honestly hadn’t expected such an overwhelming fan base.  There were a few girls Cosplaying Caelena and it was so exciting to fan girl over meeting Sarah while waiting in line.


Given my short height I also continued to stand on tippy-toes to get a view of Sarah and squeaked to my mum about how pretty she was especially in person.

As luck would have it I arrived right at the head of the line before Sarah had to attend a panel. I stalked her to the panel as you naturally do.


The panel had discussions about Kick-Ass Characters and it was great to see some new authors talking about characters in their books, also Sarah is extremely funny mainly because of how honest she is.

When I finally managed to meet her after she gloriously finished eating her chocolate, I was shaking all over.

I soon fell into casual conversation. Sarah takes great interest in her reader’s lives and I love that. She asked me about where I’m from and school.


I also discovered she’s busy blurbing novels at the moment but also that she cannot wait to read C .S.  Pacat’s Captive Prince series.

We also spent a good amount of time fangirling over The Lunar Chronicles and she asked me if my mum was my sister and my mum felt greatly complimented by that so THANKS SARAH!!


Epilogue: With my pile of signed books in my hands I walked out of the signing area and graciously stumbled and fell on the floor of Supanova along with all my books.

My clumsiness never evades me


Infinity Reads



9 thoughts on “Event Recap | Meeting SJ Maas”

  1. You are so lucky! I wanted to meet Sarah so so so so much, but I couldn’t get to Supernova and I couldn’t get into her Sydney signings either. Sigh. It must have been awesome to meet her, I’m glad you go the chance. She sounds so lovely, and great photo’s.

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