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My Favourite Bookstagrams 

Among other things taking aesthetically pleasing photos of books is an art in itself. I compiled a list of my favourite book dedicated Instagram accounts so we can sit here and marvel together!

First up is Cait from Paper Futy 

I mean just look at the beautiful flower theme and just ahh like goals. Absolute goals. 

Next up is the loonytuney Insta which is glorious in all its pastel and rainbow glory 

I just love people who can stick to an Instagram theme. Monochrome is always a winner so this one goes to sammy!

Can’t go wrong with a couple of fairy lights. Kori’s Instagram looks just delightful and magical 

Ahh look how cute and colourful! It’s bright and fun and fresh. Love 

Give a follow to all the people mentioned in this post and I hope they don’t mind me sharing their creations! 

If you’d like to please follow me on Instagram as well @infinity.reads 

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The Instagram Mission 

I’m a photographer. I like taking photos and I like capturing memories

So it makes absolutely no sense why I don’t extensively use a photography platform such as Instagram

But we’re going to change that.

For the month of Decemeber and perhaps even January I’m going to make an effort to post everyday on Instagram along with a new blog post on here!

My Instagram is @infinityreads03

Why should you follow me? Because I post aesthetically pleasing book photos such as

I would love to follow you on Instagram as well so simply leave a comment below with your username or just follow me and I’ll follow back!

See ya in the wondrous land of photography!


Introducing: Instagram

I’ve decided to create an Instagram for this blog!

Username: Infinityreads03 OR

I have been inspired by a range of people and have noticed the adventures that Instagram encourages people to undertake in order to get a good photo, so hey I decided why not

I’m not very active on Twitter since I’ve never been able to understand all the hype about it but I promise Instagram will be a different story. Go follow, you won’t regret.

You can keep up to date with what I’m reading, my life and in the process tell me a little about yourself and your life

So add you instagram link in the comments, will definitely follow you.

And don’t forget to check out

Instagram: infinityreads03

Thank you loads!