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The Friendzone

The breaker of all hearts, the doomed F-word and the ultimate verbatim of how the rest of your romantic life will pan out. Or is it really? I’ve been doing a of thinking about the friendzone and I have a theory that it might not be as bad as people make it out to be… Continue reading The Friendzone

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The Place for YA At University

Something happened today. You see, up until this point I felt a lack of reading culture at my university. It was an absence that continued to plague me and I couldn’t help asking myself? How do these people not love books?! Don’t get me wrong, I have found a few mutual friends who share a… Continue reading The Place for YA At University

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The Harsh Truth About Blogging That No One Ever Tells You

Blogging is hard Now I’m sure you’ve heard that from every content creator out there but trust me blogging is hard. There are periods where you’ll be bursting with ideas and your content will be on its A-game. You’ll express a rush and a high like no other. And then one day, you’ll sit down… Continue reading The Harsh Truth About Blogging That No One Ever Tells You

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Milk & Honey & The Rise of Modern Poetry

Modern poetry has taken the internet and the world by storm. I mean who doesn’t love our deepest, darkest thoughts being convoluted into neat little poetic wonders? But what makes modern poetry so special from traditional poetry? First of, it’s relatable as hell. Heartbreak, abuse, insecurities, passion, authors like Rupi Kaur and Beau Taplin have… Continue reading Milk & Honey & The Rise of Modern Poetry


5 Tips To Gain More Followers On Your Blog

Even though we all say “numbers don’t matter” ¬†deep down we all know that we have a burning desire to get our content across to as many people as possible. So, how do you go about getting those numbers without wanting to rip your head off? 1. Be Consistent¬† A bit hypocritical coming from me… Continue reading 5 Tips To Gain More Followers On Your Blog

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If You Like This…You’ll Also Like This

So who doesn’t like book recommendations. Especially around this time of the year when we’re all trying to better ourselves and broaden our horizons. So here goes If you like…. You will also like… Both books filled with these sweet love stories that encompass mental health issues and body image and growing up. It’s almost… Continue reading If You Like This…You’ll Also Like This


Where Is All This Going?

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of this blog. Now that I have a lot of time on my hands I’m able to post more often and in an ideal situation I would be buzzing with post ideas and new creations. However, something has been lacking lately. I’ve always been the kind… Continue reading Where Is All This Going?