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Blood of Olympus- NO SPOILERS review

Author: Rick Riordan5b630-ukboo


Pages: 502


Seven heroic Demigods.

One final Quest

The greatest sacrifice yet

I’m honestly struggling with where to begin because there’s everything and nothing I want to talk about. The Percy Jackson and The Heroes of Olympus series always are and will be my favorite books.

I grew up with these books and I promise you it’s not childish or anything. It’s like education but FUN, i mean isn’t that what we wish school would be?

The writing

Rick Riordan’s writing recipe goes something like: a dash of sarcasm accompanied by humor with the kicking flavors of an occasional cliff hanger and a roller coaster of emotions that leaves you questioning your life.

The story

Blood of Olympus like every other book by this genius author is an absolute page turner. Filled with adventure this book will take you through historic Pompeii, ancient ruins and the far corners of literature where the plot of the Odyssey will actually make sense for once.

Are we onto my favorite bit yet? YES WE ARE!

The characters

If you like making friends (who doesn’t) head over and read this book. No honestly, this book contains some of my best friends and I don’t even find that weird.

Ranging from teenagers with mighty strength and superpowers to Gods with funny personalities the Blood of Olympus sees characters old and new forming alliances to create this action packed story.

I mean these people might seem all high and mighty but they have depth and wisdom and struggling backgrounds but despite all this they manage to grow. Incorporating real world emotional struggle into a mythological world is the reason The Heroes of Olympus has become possibly my favorite books ever.

On a parting note, if you haven’t got the message already, you NEED to pick these books up.

It’s bittersweet because I got a satisfactory conclusion (more on that in the spoiler post) but I’m still sad to be separated from my best friends. I’ll miss looking forward to these books every year.






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