Gone Girl ending controversy

Read a NO SPOILERS review of Gone Girl, the book or the movie

Obviously this post contains MAJOR SPOILERS concerning the book and the movie Gone Girl so read ahead at your own risk.

Every time I’ve received recommendations for this book it has been accompanied by the statement: The ending is really disappointing 

But surprise surprise the ending, in my opinion is fantastic! I seriously don’t understand the people that wish for a “better” ending and in this post I’m going to convince you why the original ending is perfect. (or close to perfection)

So assuming everyone’s familiar with the story we know that Amazing Amy get’s the last say as always by getting pregnant with Nick’s frozen sperm (sicko) and therefore, Nick is morally forbidden to reveal the truth about Amy ever.

Initially, I was a little skeptical about this and just wanted Amy to die and leave Nick alone but careful thought and reasoning led me to these conclusions:

1. It fits! (that’s what she said)

Sorry I just had to make that joke but the ending fits the story and the characters well. I mean Amy’s character is the kind that never gets caught, never makes a mistake and she’s the kind of psycho bitch that always gets her psycho way so it’s only reasonable if she after all keeps controlling the game instead of sitting in jail or something.

Just as Nick is about to press the reveal button on Amy and possibly create a best-selling novel in the process Amy plays another card and Voila! Nick is back to square one. I find this demonically funny

2. The irony

The truth is that at the end of the day ironically, Nick and Amy deserve each other. There is no one else that would be able to put up with that much manipulation. Their whole relationship is based upon playing mind games, pretending to be okay or happy or in love or whatever. It’s twisted but it’s their way.

3. It’s open to interpretation

The ending is certainly not an opening for a sequel but it’s open to interpretation. On a lazy day I’ve often found myself wondering, what happened to the baby? can you imagine the screwed up upbringing it would have? or what if Amy had a miscarriage, that would be some Karma. There’s many other questions revolving around Nick’s future.

If Amy had just gone to jail we would assume Nick was living peacefully with Amy confined in a box.

If Amy died there would be the question of who would do the killing? certainly not Nick and it’s just not her nature to suicide I decided way from the start, she’s way too selfish to end herself for the sake of other’s peace.

Thus concludes me arguing my case of why I like the ending of Gone Girl. Did you like it? If not, why? I’m curious.


8 thoughts on “Gone Girl ending controversy”

  1. I didn’t like the ending for a couple of reasons. One, I didn’t find it believable that Nick would succumb to Amy’s desire to stay together and have a baby. He’s an intelligent guy. Wouldn’t he be worried about his future and what Amy will do next if he makes her the least bit unhappy? Will she always use the baby as a tool to make him do as she wishes? If so, won’t that put the baby at risk too? He already had the police on his side, I thought he should have fought back, for his sake as well as for the baby’s. Two, the whole story is a cynical, cheap examination of a highly troubled marriage and a mentally ill woman. I thought that by ending it the way she did, the author, in the book and in the movie, took the easy way out. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to voice my opinion. Though I didn’t like the ending, it was still an entertaining film.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your opinion
      You’ve made some good points but I think Nick has a desire to be a good dad and give their child a “normal” life (what with Nick having an abusive dad).
      Sending Amy in jail wouldn’t have accomplished that so i guess the best way was for him to succumb
      But as you mentioned it still remains an entertaining film 🙂


  2. I loved the ending of this book. And by loved it I mean I threw the book across the room once I read that last line. But not out of disgust. This book was such a shitstorm of crazy and I thought I had the ending figured out and then when I finally got there and it ended the way it did, I just threw it down and walked away. I was emotionally exhausted but I LOVED the ending because I am a very cynical person and I hate that so many books end with a happy ending where the bad guy pays the piper and the good guy gets a second lease on life. That isn’t real to me. At least not all the time. I agree with all of your points on this post. Great post!!

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    1. Thank you so much. I can totally relate to all you said, Happily ever afters are so overrated and annoying. Yay for crazy unexpected endings!


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