Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus Book Tag

I recently saw this tag on Inspired by Literature‘s blog (go show it some love, it’s amzeballs) and since my Blood of Olympus posts are rather popular I decided to treat myself and all the PJ fans by doing this tag!

1. Your fatal flaw when it comes to books

I never ever re-read and yes I realize that it’s stupid because you tend to change your perspective reading the same book multiple times but I just can’t okay. I feel like since I already know how the book’s gonna end I won’t get the same anticipatory satisfaction.

2. The Hestia on your bookshelves (A book you feel is under appreciated)

The whole Legend series by Marie Lu. I honestly feel like more people need to get into it since it’s actually so good.

3. Oh No! Hades is wearing his boo cap (A book that scared you)

I have yet to read a book that terrifies me. I really wanna get into The Enemy series because it’s got Zombies and apparently it’s shit scary so yay.

4. To the Zeus Cave! (your favorite spot to read)

My bed with all my fuzzy friends, super comfy!

5. A book you’d fall into Tartarus for to get your hands on 

I would literally jump into hell’s fire to read Winds of Winter by George.R.R.Martin, I just cannot handle the wait!

6. Rick Riordan is the myth  sass master (The sassiest book you’ve read?)

Literally any book by Rick Riordan is the sassiest book I’ve ever read. After all he isn’t called the sass master for no reason ay?

Now some love for the series themselves

7.Who can absolutely not die?

One of the Seven are forbidden by me to cease existing. Also, Nico and Reyna, basically all the good guys, not Octavian though, he can die.

8. One event that HAS to happen?

How about a Demigod reunion? like ten years later with little Percabeths running around in New Rome AW AW

9. Favourite minor character?

I wanna say Reyna but I feel like she’s a pretty big character. I don;t see anyone as minor or major, I either like them or I don’t like them, if that makes sense?

10. Favourite book in the entire series?

If I absolutely freakingly had to choose, it would be Mark of Athena simply because it’s funny seeing people freak out over the cliffhanger. But I love them all equally otherwise.

11. Favourite and least favourite God? (be careful, you don’t want to be hit by lightning, or get turned in a dolphin or…)

None of the Gods faze me too much honestly, they all seem pretty selfish and try to trick their own children like come on be considerate for once will ya? But I do have to say Hades is pretty favourable. Typical of me to choose the underdog.

12. Your Godly parent?

I’d love it to be Bellona so I can be fierce like Ryena but we all know it’s gonna have to be Athena.

13. How important are the books to you and why?

These books are partly responsible for my love of reading so yeah they’re pretty important. I started reading them at the start of high school and they’re so relate-able and I grew up with them ye know.

14. A message to Uncle Rick?

When’s the next book coming out? XD nah. Just don’t forget to be awesome.

15. Tag at least five other demigods?

Pretty sure there are more than five demigods in this world so if you’re reading this and you’re a demigod then do this tag! seriously. Leave your links in the comments so I can check your answers out!

Also I hit 100 followers on this blog! Do you what this means? it means TURN UP! no seriously though. I am so thankful and ecstatic that 100 blogs have clicked that follow button! To each and every one of you I send virtual bear hugs!

Best wishes







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