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BOOK REVIEW | The Secret Science of Magic


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Title: The Secret Science of Magic

Author: Melissa Kiel

Genre: YA Contemporary


Expected Publication Date: 1st April 2017

This book was unlike anything I have ever read before. Sure, I’ve read a lot of romances in my life and sure I’ve read the occasional Sci-Fi book and sure I’ve picked up my maths textbook every now and then. But this novel had it all.

To illustrate my opinion let’s divide the novel into two parts. The first half of the novel focuses on facts, which I found highly interesting and immersing by the way (give me an unsolved conjecture any time!). The beginning of each chapter drew me in by giving me bits about certain mathematicians or certain magicians. While I did find this captivating, I found myself getting to the middle of the chapter and needing a break.

The second half of the novel focused on the emotional aspects of our protagonist’s life. While this made sense in the context of the novel, I found that it lacked depth. I found it difficult to fully connect with the characters on a deeper level. In saying that I highly enjoyed the platonic and sibling relationships, more so than the romantic ones

Speaking of characters, it would have been better in my opinion to split the chapters evenly between Sophia and Joshua because at times it got difficult to distinguish whose chapter I was reading because their voices sounded so similar in my head.

Other than that, I like how the novel covers a range of contemporary YA topics such as diversity, mental illness and the stigma around mental illness but it also focuses on something that not many novels focus on. that is the fact that even the most genius minds have their limit. And of course how could I forget the magic!