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Book Review | Wayfarer

I haven’t done a book review in soo long,I’m not sure I remember how to write one. 20983366

So, I absolutely loved the first instalment in this series which was Passenger. Much of what I loved about Passenger was lacking in this novel. With Passenger I really felt like a traveller, it gave me the thrill of exploring new places and gave me ideas of what I’d like to see for myself in real life.

Wayfarer was SO focused on the Astrolobe and the plotline that it forgot to put the fun back in travelling. The essence of another time, another place wasn’t really captured because the characters were so busy jumping from one place to another. I really felt if the book had been broken into three parts rather than two, we would’ve got that slow build up.

I liked how the book challenged the philosophical aspects of travelling and asked questions about changing the course of history etc. The character build up was incredible, I mean everyone was discovering mysterious parts of themselves and grappling with their emotions.

For much of the novel, I felt there was a mellow sort of tone to it all. It was lacking that thrill. Although I did enjoy the quips and wit of some of the side characters.

In terms of the resolution, I think I’m okay with it.


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