Why I Went MIA

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So I moved for college in February and it was the most stressful month of my entire life

Even though this was my second time moving, I was still as lost as ever

The first few weeks flew by in unpacking in getting used to the fact that yet again I would have to start cooking my own food, doing my own washing and what not

The next thing you know, Uni hits.

It came with a wave of reading and getting used to sitting in an overstuffed hall full of 500 other bodies. Unbearable

It also came with a greater focus on independent learning and realising that I would have to put in twice as much effort as last year because this time no was holding my hand.

So I spent a few weeks drowning and now I’m back. Life is slowly settling into a routine however, there is always something unexpected happening

I hope I can blog more often but with all the crazy happenings I can’t make any promises


Bout of Books 12 Update #1

Three days into the read-a-thon and we’re going strong folks, well at least according to me.

Currently Reading:

Crown of Midnight by Sarah.J.Maas 



It’s making me swoon but I feel like there is so much going on and I’m reading it so fast it’s hard o keep track of all the sub plots. But we’re pushing through!

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

First non-fiction I’ve read in well,,,,a long time. A very powerful book that I have to slow down and take all the details in.

Something exciting that I did that you should you do:

The Imitation Game

A very intellectual and well performed movie about issues that concern modern society. Benedict Cumberbatch is in it so why wouldn’t you watch it? he’s gonna win an Oscar so you better head to the cinemas NOW

Total pages read: 314

How is your reading getting along?




NaNoWriMo stage #3: Shock

The phase you realize you aren’t doing as well as you thought.

I feel like I’m going so smooth, the satisfying tap of the keys on the keyboard providing me with the reassurance that I am indeed pumping out those words really fast.

Then  comes the moment of truth.

I get out of my writing trance and glance down at my word count. Unsure of whether it is enough I go onto the nanowrimo website.

Only to realize that I haven’t written as much I’d thought I had.

All that hard work and pre existing satisfaction 😦

This is gonna be harder than I thought.

Word count: 22178




Nanowrimo stage #2: Denial

Sleep deprived and cranky I write to you again four days after my previous initial post.

The excitement levels are dwindling

I’m behind on my school work, have missed several due dates, but that’s okay

At the moment I can barely keep my eyes open but that’s okay.

I just realized that I have maths homework that absolutely needs to be done but I have to continue writing.

It;s okay everything is okay.

And by saying that I continue to live in denial of the fact that this month is slowly creeping stress into my brain but i have to finish this marathon. I made a commitment so after finishing this post I’m off to writing again. Not before doing my maths homework though

Also today is double up donation day so you can donate $25 to and receive $50 worth of Goodies! How awesome is that? it’s going to a good cause funding writing programs around the world. I’m doubling my word count and hope to write 5000 words today.

Total word count: 15733

How are you doing? I’ll check in with you soon