5 Reasons I Hate Reading Reviews

The irony ins’t lost on me considering this blog is primarily for reviewing books. but there is just something about book reviews and film reviews that repeals me and I’ve managed to condense this feeling into five justifiable reasons.

  1. Spoilers

This is my number one fear when it comes to reading reviews. Although many writers do specify if the post is going to have spoilers, my mind always remains skeptical.

what if there are spoilers?

what if the writer hasn’t been discreet enough?

Would I still want to read the book after it’s ruined for me?

I know some people would go ahead with reading a book regardless but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

         2. Influence

Now, reviews generally provide an opinion right? my overly absurd brain is always under the threat that if I read a review of a book that I’m eagerly awaiting to read then I won’t go into the book with a fresh mind, I’ll be influenced by the opinions of the person who wrote the review. Now this has sometimes worked in my favour as after reading a review I picked up things in the book I wouldn’t normally have.

Likewise, if i read a review after I’ve read a book and formed my own opinions it can give me another perspective but it also makes me doubt my understanding of the book.

          3. Boredom

Okay let’s be brutally honest here. If I typed in “Mockingjay Part 2 review” in Google how many infinite number of results will pop up?

And you know what? they’re all gonna be the same, Long paragraphs or overloaded with GIFs and there is nothing original about the formatting of a review. I usually skim over review posts. YOU don’t even fully read my reviews and I know it and I understand. It can get so boring sometimes.

           4. Repetition

This is following along with the boredom. Reviews are repetitive. Especially when it comes to a super famous book that has been hyped about forever. Unless you can bring a completely unique perspective and take on the book, I guarantee you 99% of the reviews will look the same. Just to clarify, with “unique perspective” I don’t mean slandering the book just to stand out. Honest opinions are still valued people.

            5. Reviews are rarely helpful

When I’m looking for a new book to read , which is rarely a case these days considering I have no time. but anyways, when looking for a new read or recommendations I head to Goodreads and check out their ratings or I ask around my friends. What I’m getting at is, I rarely make a judgement of whether to buy a book or not based on a review I’ve read. And I guess part of it is because I’m aware a review is just one slice of opinion which it’s up to me whether to take into consideration or not.

Of Course I do realise all the upsides to reviews which is why I continue to write them but I just believed this unpopular opinion had to be discussed. I’d love to hear your point of view on this matter so let’s keep the discussion going in the comments.