A Very Aussie Skincare Haul

I just wanted an excuse to show you what I got from Kangaroo Island. You can read all abut my trip here but other than that here are some purchase ideas

Lavender Shower Gel

I visited a lavender farm and learnt about all the amazing things lavender can do for your skin so of course I wanna come out of the shower smelling good. The product is handmade from locally sourced lavender

Honey Lip Balm

So I visited a honey farm and honey is one of those things that is good for every part of your body like as a food, as soaps, as a foot scrub. But I just wanted a nice lip balm for these cold winter months

Earthy Body Lotion

Not gonna lie I stole this from the hotel’s skincare line. It smells like crushed leaves and I just could not resist

Miraculous Emu Oil

So we visited a eucalyptus distillery and the lady was saying how this oil can be used a natural parabin free mosituriser in the morning. I tried a bit in the store and it smells like nothing but it leaves your skin feeling so nourished

Stolen Facial Bar

Again this was in the hotel product range and the idea of a hydrating facial bar which smells like crushed leaves just gets me okay

Those are all the things I spent my money on. I haven’t tried any but they all look so promising


5 Places I Want To Travel To in 2018

Anyone acquainted with the joys of exploring a new place knows how tempting it is to start planning your next travel adventure already

This year while I do want to travel overseas, I want the emphasis to be on exploring Australia more. Because sometimes the greatest beauty lies in your own back yard!


Image result for Tasmania

From coastal weather to lush greenery Tasmania seems like a dream gateway. While the scenery does promise to be breathtaking I’m most excited for the freshest seafood and that small town secluded feeling


Image result for townsville

From beachy resorts to adrenaline filled ziplining Queensland has all the wonder of the tropics. But I’m most keen to explore the spots that get overlooked like Townsville. Where you’re able to explore the Great Barrier Reef without bumping into too many tourists or explore the local heritage


Image result for malaysia

Out of the blue Asia has become a hot travel destination and I wanna jump on that bandwagon. While the food and the basking city life does seem exciting, I want to use Malaysia as a gateway to increase my knowledge on Islamic architecture and history

Pacific Islands

Image result for pacific islands

I’m grouping New Caledonia, Vanuatu and the Solomon islands here to create the perfect magical gateway! I feel like the beauty of these isolated islands is that they’re mostly untouched by capitalism and it gives you a real chance to interact with the locals

New Zealand

Image result for new zealand

This has been on my bucket list for so long! so close yet so far from Australia New Zealand promises some of the most iconic scenes. It seems like a Nat Geo photographer’s dream and there’s so much this tiny country has to offer

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Where Is This Blog Going?

So it’s been a while

I went to university and came back and in between all that Infinity Reads sat neglected.

It’s funny how when you move to college your priorities shift completely. I mean for me grocery shopping and cramming at the library took precedence over blogging

And that is understandable I suppose

But I miss blogging. I’ve never cared much about the numbers but I miss the feeling of sending something that is so completely mine out into the world! I miss the creative process

So I’m back.

I’m not going to make any promises of regular posts or anything but at this point I have quite a lot of content I want to share

On a side note. Do people read blogs anymore?

I hope they do

Anyways, if you’ve been gone a while like I have, welcome back to Infinity Reads!

You can expect the usual book related posts, travel posts (tons of those!) and also lifestyle posts because I’ve become something of a life coach this past year



Five Reasons NOT To Travel

In light of my recent post about five reasons to go travelling NOW, I only thought it fitting to give you five reasons not to go travelling

Because everyone else is doing it

Image result for instagram travel

I mean the whole point of a trend is that everyone is getting on it right. But like what I mean to say is that don’t go to Bali because everyone else is going to Bali. If you hate humidity and coconuts you’re gonna hate Bali. Ask yourself where your own interest lie.

To brag on Instagram

Image result for instagram travel dark

Or any other social media. I mean part of what makes our generation amazing is that we’re able to share our lives with thousands of people but your primary reasons to travel should not be to give yourself a nice insta feed.

To empty your bank account

Image result for instagram travel

When I say go travel  I don’t mean drop everything and leave. Try being a good, budget traveller, you wanna come out rich in experiences, not material things. Although a little splurge never hurt anyone

To get away from something/someone

Image result for instagram travel dark

Don’t use travelling as an excuse to run away from your problems because that will only make the journey that much less enjoyable

I could try and think of a fifth reason but i just love travelling too much so i hope the four suffice!


Five Reasons To Go Travelling Now

Travelling has become one of the biggest trends of our time and I cannot resist joining the wagon. If you’re not already convinced, let me give you five reasons to go explore the world!

That Feeling

Image result for instagram travel photos

My number one reason to go travelling is to have that feeling. You know that feeling where you realise how beautiful our world is and you don’t want to take out your phone just yet because it might just ruin the moment you’re having?

Go travel for that feeling.

To gain more knowledge

Image result for instagram travel photos

While reading books gives you plenty of knowledge, travelling is a more proactive way of gaining that knowledge. You see new places, history, language, human existence, it all comes down to one experience.

The Food

Image result for instagram travel food

I don’t know about you but put something new on my plate and it might just become my next fav food. When you go travelling you’re bound to come across a culture or city’s local foods that you won’t find in your home town. That is an adventure in itself

You’ll have a story to tell

Image result for instagram travel photos

No matter where the adventure takes you, you’ll have a story to tell and that will shape the person you are. You’ll grow and learn as you navigate a city’s subway system or learn how to use chopsticks.

It will make you more empathetic

In a world where people just can’t help but turn against each other, travelling the world and learning a thing or two without relying on the media might just help make you a better person.

Related image

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Why Do People Want To Travel So Much?

I feel like humans ever since the beginning of time have had an innate urge to explore. We had merchants discovering countries and fertile land. We had pirates exploring the depths of the ocean

But modern travel is quite something else I believe.

With the rise of Instagram fame and Youtube and hello blogging, I feel like people are more eager to travel and explore new parts of the world.

I guess a huge part of it is this obssession with sharing how amazing our lives really our. Ar face value anyway. Summer in Greece, Winter in Serbia, Spring in Japan. We want everyone to see how great of a time we’re having don’t we?

Globalisation would be a major factor too I suppose.

I mean it’s a good thing. Exploring new places and cultures makes us less ignorant, sometimes we delve into parts of the world that our parents would have written off as “too dangerous” or “too controversial”

We are becoming something of a travel generation and it lets us understand people better, make connections and hopefully reduces prejudice in the upcoming years when the old generation gets replaced by our new, fresh and less ignorant one.


10 Things I Like About Melbourne

So I was gonna do my really exciting post today but I am knackered from doing the really exciting thing today so here is a comprehensive list of everything I like about Melbourne. Hopefully this makes you want to visit sometime!

  1. There is always something going on in Melbourne (Plays, Exhibitions, Street festivals)
  2. How vibrant the city is
  3. The joys of getting lost on the not so good public transport system
  4. The cold weather which gives me an excuse to stay in
  5. The tall buildings that make me feel like I’m in New York
  6. The brunch spots
  7. How cheap everything is (compared to other Australian cities)
  8. How Melbourne is THE place for young people
  9. The open mindedness
  10. The fact that I feel like my heart belongs in this place



5 Places I’m Dying To Travel To

I bet at least once in your life you’ve thought of packing up, leaving everything behind and just exploring.

Well so have I and if time and money permitted me to, this is where I’d take off to

Cape Town, South Africa  Image result for cape town

One of my most sought after destinations. It’s got nature, wildlife, a history and it’s in the southern hemisphere so the seasons line up with Australia!

Latin America

Image result for ecuador

Puerta Rico, Mexico, Ecuador, I wanna see it all! Once again I absolutely love the culture and the Amazon and the sense of adventure this place has

Dominican Republic

Image result for dominican republic

This country recently came to my attention and might I say it looks gorgeous, It also has amazing jungle zip lining


Image result for croatia

I have wanted to visit the place ever since Game of Thrones was filmed there. It seems like a jump in time to a classy 18th century Europe

French Canada

Image result for quebec

I go where the snow goes. I absolutely love the French culture and Canada seems like such a peaceful country to visit