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Things On My Bookshelf That Aren’t Books


So remember back when I used to actually do Top 5 Wednesday? well I’ve been so busy lately I’ve just decided to do topics that sound interesting to me.

This week’s topic is quite quirky and gives you a chance to kind of get to know me so here are 5 things on my bookshelf that aren’t books.

1. Tumblr Stuffz

Snapchat-8871319368206272782Here is a nice ‘Live’ sign right in front of my new Game of Thrones box set (which is quite ironic when you think about it) . I just have it on my bookshelf for decor purposes.

2. Post Cards

Snapchat--931936835471522300The one on the left was sent to me by my good friend in Japan and the one on the right is just one I nicked from a bookstore because DAVID BECKHAM PEOPLE

3. Little Autograph Book

Snapchat-5146246853971218515I have this little red autograph book and I think it’s quite special because it’s got messages from my Primary School friends and signatures of famous people like Sachin Tendulkar.  You want proof? okay.



4. Bits & Bobs

Snapchat-6112663251919942212I just have these lying around to ornament my shelf. The Eiffel Tower and Las Vegas Key chain are travel souvenirs from my friend and the little Australian Flag thing is one I got on my Citizenship Ceremony.

5. Creepy Doll

Snapchat-5423770084257800174My best friend (Sim) gave me this doll on my fourteenth birthday and it’s just been sitting there ever since so yay memories!

I hope you enjoyed having a look at some weird things on my bookshelf!



Top 5 Wednesday | Covers That Remind Me Of Summer


This is a really upsetting topic because in Australia it’s currently winter.

But I hope looking at these covers will remind of the good old summer days 🙂

Literally every Sarah Dessen book reminds me of summer

Sarah Dessen is the Contemporary Goddess. I went through this phase where I gobbled up all her books and it was so blissful. I haven’t read the recent ones though (which I should I guess)

My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

I haven’t read this but I’ve heard good things and something about the blue sky, the lighting on the cover and romance reminds me of summer.

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson

This is obviously quite summery!

The museum of intangible things by Wendy Wunder

This is such a cool cover and now makes me want to read the book hah!

Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid

Something about the colour scheme and the maps remind me of road trips

NOTE: I haven’t read half of these books because a) I’m poor or b) I want someone else to but them for me (My birthday’s in July wink wink)

I hope these book covers were pleasurable to look at and I’ll see you very soon!



Top 5 Wednesday | Books I Wanted To Start Yesterday


In which I manage to do a Wednesday post on an actual Wednesday.

This week’s topic asks me to confront my doomingly large TBR pile in which every book happens to be one I wanted to start yesterday.

But for simplicity’s sake here are my top five books I wanted to start yesterday.

Half Wild by Sally Green

Alright this one just released this week so it’s not so bad. But I’ve been dying to read the sequel to Half Bad since mid last year so finally ah I need to get to this very soon.

Pushing The Limits by Katie McGarry

On the other hand this one I’ve been meaning to read since 2012. The covers did it for me, so abstract and edgy. My friend’s reading it and she says it’s slow going so tell me, should I bother?

The unbecoming of Mara Dyer

Another one I’ve been meaning to read for AGES

I see people rave about this series all the time and I’m like “oh i need to read that”



Uglies by Scott Westerfield

Currently reading Afterworlds and loving it so I have no idea why I haven’t read his most popular series ever. Trusts me you’re not the only one annoyed with me right now.

Well this post definitely encouraged me to go out and read these books RIGHT NOW

What are some books YOU wanted to started YESTERDAY?




Top 5 Wednesday | Top 5 Jokesters

Here we go again posting Wednesday posts on Thursday but hey living life on the edge right?

While I was trying to remember five funny characters from the books I’ve read I came to the revelation that I don’t read funny books. Hm maybe humour is a genre I need to explore further.

Without further ado let’s meet some jokesters!

Name: Leo Valdez

Book: Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan

Jokester Qualities: Bad puns, goofyness, saying funny things in serious situations


I’m the super-sized Mc-Sizzle man! I’m Leo Valdez bad boy supreme. And the ladies love a bad boy

The next one is a jokester in a slightly more charming way…

Name: Adrian Ivashkov

Book: Vampire Academy/ Bloodlines

Jokester Qualities: Swoony one-liners and hotness au-naturale


Next Up!

Name: Kvothe

Book: The Name of the Wind

Jokester Qualities: witty one-liners, sarcasm, insult


It wasn’t even a good note. ‘If you are reading this I am probably dead.’ What sort of a note is that?

I think we can all agree on the next one

Name: Percy Jackson

Book: Percy Jackson and the Olympians+ Heroes of Olympus

Jokester Qualities: Sarcasm, general goofyness


So the topic doesn’t specify whether it’s book characters or not so I decided to add an author in there..

Name: John Green

Books: I’m too lazy to type them all out okay

Jokester Qualities: I mean it’s John Green, he could write a math equation and it would be funny

Those are my top five funny guys!

What’s your idea of a jokester?





Top 5 Wednesday | Bookish Habits


Yeah I know it’s not Wednesday boo I missed a day because I wrote up a beautifully long review on The Handmaid’s Tale. 

Surprisingly it was difficult creating a list of five bookish habits. Because habits are so second nature you rarely think about them. Hopefully I managed to cover my weirdest and most crucial bookish habits. Enjoy!

1. Smelling New Books

We all do it. There’s no shame in it, let’s join hands and embrace our instinctual desire for the scent of new books. Honestly though that feel when new books arrive in the mail and you’re just like

2. One book at a time

Okay so I have this thing with multi-tasking. Just can’t deal. Music and homework? Nup. Two books at a time? nup. They all deserve my uttermost attention which I can only provide if I read them individually.

3. Lips are movin’

Alright so this one I hadn’t noticed till a couple years ago until my friends pointed it out to me. I move my lips when I read, as in silent read in my head. I don’t know I feel like it just helps me get a better understanding if my enunciating the words. I seriously don’t understand why people find that weird.


I believe beginning a book is a great ordeal so I acknowledge this by wedging a bookmark between the cover and the very first page. It just makes it final that I’m now officially reading this book I guess.

5. Mental Goals

I have this thing where I expect myself to read say 50-100 pages per day and if I don’t do that I have to catch up the next day, Obviously this is to ensure I’m not dragging the book too long, if I enjoy a book there is no need to set goals but what can I say I’m a lists and goals kind gal.

There you have it. My top 5 bookish habits.

What are some bookish habits you have?



Top 5 Wednesday | Books I’d Save In a Fire


This week’s topic is one that I find myself looking way too deeply into. Of course this is a hypothetical situation because let’s be real if there was an actual fire I’d grab the closest books to me and run for dear life.

In an ideal situation I would have a magical backpack which would absorb my whole bookshelf so I wouldn’t have to choose but suppose it’s not an ideal situation and suppose I have to choose between my books. Oh it’s like picking your favorite child


1. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green (SIGNED COPY)

Di I even need to explain myself?

One: It’s John Green

Two: It’s signed

Three: John Green

2. To kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

With the sequel about to hit shelves in a few months it would be rather inconvenient if I left the first book behind no? but seriously one of the many favorite classics of mine and you just can’t expect me to abandon Scout Finch okay!

3. Game of Thrones by George.R.R.Martin

Yes the whole box set because it is conveniently the closest thing in my bookshelf and come on this pioneered my love for high fantasy so how could I let it burn. Ya feel?

4. Perks of being a Wallflower by Stephen Cbosky

We accept the love we think we deserve.

This was just such a beautiful book in it’s entirety and I still remember feeling all the feels back when I read it in like 2013.

Plus it has Logan Lerman on the cover and I mean come on

5. Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants by Ann Brashares

Yes I know we’re all a bit distracted by the Logan Lerman gif but let’s try to move on.

I remember one day back in 2012 I thought “how cool would it be to have your own little book collection”. So I went to the bookstore and spent $80 on buying the whole Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants series because I’d read the first book and I loved it.

This was the beginning of a very big book collection so yeah this series has real sentimental value cuz you know it was the start of it all.

That is a wrap on Top 5 Wednesday for this week.

Let me know what books you’d save in a fire!



Top 5 Wednesday | Authors I’d like to meet


This week’s top five is about authors we’d like to meet which is such a hard topic to narrow down to five since I wanna meet each and every author I’ve read books from because I feel like authors are the perfect people to discuss books with since they have exclusive insight and all that good stuff.

Don’t forget if you wanna check out other people’s Top Five’s then head over to the Goodreads group!


Richelle Mead!


Books Read: The Vampire Academy and Bloodlines

Why I wanna meet them:

Richelle seems so lovely and she never forgets to mention how much she loves her international (Aussies) fans!

What I would do upon meeting them:

If I ever get the chance to go to the USA or if she ever comes to Australia I will tackle her in a bear hug (is that too violent?) No but seriously I would just have a casual chat about life and her upcoming projects, take a few hundred selfies and of course get her to sign my tower of Richelle Mead books!


Gayle Forman 

Books Read: If I stay, Where she went and I was Here

Why I wanna meet them:

For the past few months I have been continuously raving about Gayle Forman. Well I am kind of obsessed with all her books and all the boys in her books (wink wink). I saw her Goodreads interview the other day and she seems so down to Earth and can we just take a moment to admire her majestic hair aah!

What I would do upon meeting them:

From reading her books I feel like Gayle is really into the music scene so I would ask her about songs I should add to my playlist. It would also be cool discussing her experience with If I Stay becoming a movie and also her inspiration for the intriguing, mystery filled plot of I was Here.



Books Read: A Song of Ice and Fire Series

Why I wanna meet them:

I read A Song of Ice and Fire series in five months straight up and I watch the show religiously so of course I wanna meet GRRM

What I would do upon meeting them:


I feel like I would get intimidated because I hold him in such high regards. But I would try and get a few spoilers out of him without success, in all honesty I would just be happy discussing the characters and where the initial idea for Game of Thrones all came from.


Jane Austen (no one mentioned anything about the author being still alive.)

Books Read: Pride & Prejudice

Why I wanna meet them:

Because it’s freakin’ Jane Austen that’s why. Doesn’t every literary addict wanna meet this genius writer?

What I would do upon meeting them:

I would question how she came back from the dead.

After that we’d sit down for some tea and Scones and I ‘d ask her all about life in the 19th Century and being a female writer and yeah it would be an interesting conversation with me trying to decipher her language and vice versa. Oh and I’d take a selfie to make everybody and their uncle jealous.

I know Austen should’ve been number One but you’ll see….


John Green

Books Read: The Fault in Our Stars, An Abundance of Katherines, Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns

Why I wanna meet them:

High school for me has been all about John Green and his writing and I feel like I’ve grown up with it. Plus John is a Nerdfighter, he is THE Nerdfighter which is awesome and crazy and I feel like I’ll just be bombarded with smartness and knowledge meeting him.

What I would do upon meeting them:

I ‘d ask him to pinch me just in case it was a dream. After that I would hyperventilate.

After eventually settling down and if he is still around I would have a casual chat with him about absolutely everything and nothing. Sounds like so much FUN. Oh and I’d take selfies because let’s be honest…it’s John Green.

I hope you enjoyed reading my weird ideas about meeting my favourite authors and let me know who you’d like to meet and what you’d do upon meeting them!





Top 5 Wednesday | Series I want to start this year


Hey all!

This year I’ve decided to participate in this meme where we list the top five things in accordance to the topic. If you wanna join the group feel free to check out their Goodreads group and Join in!

Without further ado, here are the series I aspire to begin in 2015.

Splintered by A.G.Howard

Did someone say fiary tale retellings? heck yes! well it’s not exactly a retelling but rather about this descendant of Alice from Alice in Wonderland and I think she’s going back to wonderland? idk sounds cool. And since I just snatched the first book for a bargain I cannot wait to dive in. The covers look absolutely gorgeous and the writing in the first book is PURPLE oh God I need to contain myself!

Pushing The Limits by Katie McGarry


I’ve been meaning to start this series since like 2012 (uh oh). These are more companion novels than sequels which is cool. Also, I’ve been meaning to indulge more into contemporary so these seem the perfect match.

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

Another one I’ve been meaning to start but never did. The cover of the third book seems so gripping that I HAVE to get to these! Also since it’s about mental health I definitely wanna read it sooner rather than later.

Just One Day by Gayle Forman 

If you haven’t been following this blog for long you wouldn’t know but I am a HUGE Gayle Forman fanatic. I mean if reading If I stay, Where She Went and watching the If I stay movie wasn’t enough I also received an early copy of her book I was Here which comes out January 27th! But yeah I can never get enough of Gayle Forman

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgad by Rick Riordan 

I need my yearly dose of Rick Riordan and since Percy Jackson has forever said goodbye to me I have nothing to do but start this new series. It’s about Vikings okay, I don’t know anything about them but I’m sure I’ll be an expert after reading this series.

That concludes my top 5 series I want to start and hopefully I’ll get to all of them! Check out other people’s top 5 series here and let me know yours in the comments!

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