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Things On My Bookshelf That Aren’t Books


So remember back when I used to actually do Top 5 Wednesday? well I’ve been so busy lately I’ve just decided to do topics that sound interesting to me.

This week’s topic is quite quirky and gives you a chance to kind of get to know me so here are 5 things on my bookshelf that aren’t books.

1. Tumblr Stuffz

Snapchat-8871319368206272782Here is a nice ‘Live’ sign right in front of my new Game of Thrones box set (which is quite ironic when you think about it) . I just have it on my bookshelf for decor purposes.

2. Post Cards

Snapchat--931936835471522300The one on the left was sent to me by my good friend in Japan and the one on the right is just one I nicked from a bookstore because DAVID BECKHAM PEOPLE

3. Little Autograph Book

Snapchat-5146246853971218515I have this little red autograph book and I think it’s quite special because it’s got messages from my Primary School friends and signatures of famous people like Sachin Tendulkar. ¬†You want proof? okay.



4. Bits & Bobs

Snapchat-6112663251919942212I just have these lying around to ornament my shelf. The Eiffel Tower and Las Vegas Key chain are travel souvenirs from my friend and the little Australian Flag thing is one I got on my Citizenship Ceremony.

5. Creepy Doll

Snapchat-5423770084257800174My best friend (Sim) gave me this doll on my fourteenth birthday and it’s just been sitting there ever since so yay memories!

I hope you enjoyed having a look at some weird things on my bookshelf!