Cover to Cover

Cover to Cover | The Little Paris Bookshop 

Today I am going to do something I have never done before.

A cover to cover on a book I have not read and know very little about. The gist of the novel is that a bookseller sets off on an adventure in the south of France to find the love of his life. It sounds romantic and deep and it has France in it. Also the covers are gorgeous

The English Edition

This cover was the first thing that made me so keen and curious about this book. It’s so vintage and almost like from another time. I love it

The other English Edition

Now this cover seems to make a statement. I love how the blue just pops put of the colour scheme. It also has an old school feel to it. Almost like these novels I used to read in middle school. This cover would look great on a hardcover edition.

The German Edition

I love the subtlety of this cover. It reminds me of a wedding colour palette. Lavenders are of course amazing and the textures happening on the cover also appeal to moi.

The Croatian Edition

I love this cover! I love the magic happening around the words. I love how the picture of Paris looks like it came out of a movie. So vintage again ah.

The French edition

When you think about it there isn’t much happening on this cover. But I wanted to include it for the sake of it being French.

The Bulgarian edition

I really like this cover. Again. the storybook kind of feel and the colours are great.

Which one is your favourite?