We Are The Capitol

A couple days ago Ariel made a video where she discussed The Hunger Games. I suggest you watch the video so this post makes more sense.

She made a great point about how the books reflect our own world and how the fact of the matter is: WE are the bad guys, The Capitol.

Upon initially hearing this I was in denial of the fact because I’d always thought that our¬†society was the “Katniss” and The Factions and that the governing body were The Capitol. But having given it some thought I came to the realization that I AM the Capitol, that the society I live in now are the bad guys in The Hunger Games books.

This might not makes sense but it makes sense in my head so: think about it, do we give a thought to the people that make our clothes like make them or the people that clean our sewage systems or the people that mine metals so we can have pretty rings. No. These people are the factions and as long as we have our shiny toys we don’t care.¬†We’re obsessed with appearance, we like to see other people fall (it’s human nature), sound familiar?

I guess it’s privilege that make us The Capitol, that’s what I mean when I say ‘we’: The Privileged. Education, technology, food, they’re all privileges.

But we’re not all bad guys. I guess there is s Katniss inside all of us. Think about all the riots in history where people have stood up for their rights, revolutions and democracies, that’s all proof of the Katniss inside of us.

Another point is, I find it interesting that in The Hunger Games when Katniss and The Factions rebel we cheer on for the underdog taking charge but when in our own society riots are carried out so people can be heard we view them as nuisances.

So my final point is, I guess we’re both The Capitol and The Factions given the circumstance but for the most part we remain The Capitol. I don’t even know if this post makes sense but Ariel made a great discussion instigating video and I had to get it out somewhere. This is all purely my opinion and I do not intend to offend anyone.

Let me know your opinion!