thought Tuesday

Day of Doughnuts

The story begins when myself and Annabel took the train to attend the grand opening of the first ever Krispy Kreme store in the little state of South Australia.



Walking towards the store we saw few people walking on the streets with bags full of boxes and a look of accomplishment on their faces. We quickened our pace and were met by this scene:



Hundreds of citizens had lined up in front of the store waiting in anticipation to buy Krispy Kreme doughnuts which would no doubt give them a feeling of great satisfaction.

Annabel and I were quick to join the queue not knowing that we’d be standing there for almost 2 hours.

During this time we saw people shivering intensely clutching their cups of coffee as it was a rather cold day. We saw children and parents spinning the Krispy Kreme wheel of fortune to win a mug, notebook, hat or a cheerful “thank you for coming” (it was really just a way of saying “you got nothing”)

There was a little while where we attempted to listen to music but were distracted by the songs coming from the speakers. Envious looks were given to those inside the store receiving warmth and doughnuts.

More than once I explained in my head “why am I even lining up this long for doughnuts” and “this better be worth it”. You’ve probably thought the same thing, I mean it’s just doughnuts right?

Let me explain, For as long as I can remember the state of South Australia has always been put last. All the famous celebrities, clothing stores and food outlets such as Starbucks tend to pop up in New South Wales or Victoria because of the huge population of these cities. South Australia mournfully has to watch from the sidelines as all this excitement happens

So you can probably understand why people were so excited when a company like Krispy Kreme was opening in our city 11 years after it opened in New South Wales. We South Australians like getting excited over little things, I call it appreciating the simple things in life- like a Krispy Kreme doughnuts!

Finally standing at the front of the we could feel our excitement building and it all came down to running inside the store and trying the free sample doughnut. All the lining up and standing around in the crappy weather was worth it because the doughnut tasted amazing, it was the fruit of our hard work.

We didn’t stay around in the store for too long not being fans of crowds and headed over to get lunch and this time WE were the ones getting the envious looks with our boxes of doughnuts and I wasn’t able to wipe that smile off my face for a long time.  🙂