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Book Haul | Shakespeare & Conpany 

I couldn’t go to France and not visit Shakespeare & Company. It’s been a dream of mine ever since I read it in Anna and the French Kiss. No amount of time could’ve been enough for me to explore in there and take in the overwhelming mass of books literally floor to ceiling. But I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking



The doormat had quite a lot to say..

Upstairs was filled with writer’s cubby holes and I’m talking Hemmingway kinda writers

The Haul!


Let’s take a moment to appreciate the tote bag which I’m tote-ally gonna rock every day



As a souvenir and also because I love Shakespeare I got Macbeth. I was trying to find a similar copy of Hamlet but no luck. The pages are gold bordered like so



We’d just been to Notre Dame and I wanted to learn more about it so


I also got this cool notebook to put all my blogging ideas in. It’s got some famous writers associated with the store.


Every book comes stamped upon request


Some bookmarks

These were the steps leading up to the writer’s cubby hole


I also got a post card because why not

Other books from France!


Paris has many street bookstores selling second hand books which was like my dream come true. I soon discovered most of the books were in French and settled upon buying the French version of Lolita. I plan on buying the English version and hope to build on my French vocab. Let’s hope it’s not too dirty


France also has amazing McDonald’s. Seriously guys, if you ever go to France, try their maccas. I, typically, bought a Happy Meal and received a French picture book. How cute is that! It’s Puss in Boots in French!

This was my experience at Shakespeare & Co. Hopefully it wasn’t my only one, I hope to return there one day and spend even more money. If you guys have any burning questions feel free to leave ’em in the comments!


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Bookish Places I want to visit in France

Bonjour from France!

I currently come to you from the North-West of France and am about to hit up Paris so here’s a list of places mentioned in books and such that I cannot WAIT to visit

Point Zero 

I first came across this in Anna and the French Kiss. It’s basically the start of everything in Paris and I can’t wait to stand on it and make a wish.

Shakespeare & Company 

I mean if that isn’t every book lover’s dream! it’s covered HEAD TO TOE in books and all these famous people have gone in there and written and ahhh

Cimetiere du pere Lachaise 

This also appears in Anna and the French Kiss in a very inappropriate context. But it has lots of famous artists’ grave such as Oscar Wilde!

Notre Dame 

Hunchback of Notre Dame anyone? but seriously I’m very excited to see the colourful windows and hopefully we can climb to the very top!

Latin Quarter 

This, particularly La Sarbonne the university makes a cameo in Anna and the French Kiss. It seems like a very hip place so can’t wait

The Seine 

Night time Paris strolling anyone? ah if only I wasn’t forever alone. Oh well, ain’t nobody needs a man to have fun in Paris!

Saint Etienne Du Mont 

I want to go here purely because Etienne St.Clair was named after this saint

As you can tell, I basically want to retrace Anna and the French Kiss, but hopefully I end up going to ALL of these places and the next time you see pictures of all these places I’ll be in them!