Why I Went MIA

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So I moved for college in February and it was the most stressful month of my entire life

Even though this was my second time moving, I was still as lost as ever

The first few weeks flew by in unpacking in getting used to the fact that yet again I would have to start cooking my own food, doing my own washing and what not

The next thing you know, Uni hits.

It came with a wave of reading and getting used to sitting in an overstuffed hall full of 500 other bodies. Unbearable

It also came with a greater focus on independent learning and realising that I would have to put in twice as much effort as last year because this time no was holding my hand.

So I spent a few weeks drowning and now I’m back. Life is slowly settling into a routine however, there is always something unexpected happening

I hope I can blog more often but with all the crazy happenings I can’t make any promises