Take A Leap Of Faith

I live in a world of possibilities where nothing is impossible.

Those were the words, spoken by some rather successful person attending one of our many school assemblies that did it.

The process started a long while ago, before I even left for France but it was Monday the 26th of October that it had been leading up.

Let me paint a picture. 

My school is prestigious in a sense. With a prestigious school comes a prestigious student leadership body. This involves:

  • putting your name down
  • speaking in front of the entire student body and teachers which adds up to more than a thousand people
  • them voting for you and electing you as their leader.

So, it’s basically a popularity contest disguised as  an”upholding and representing school values” kind of thing.

Back to Monday the 26th of October. Being an over-achiever I obviously put my name down, I obviously stressed over, cried and asked every human being within hearing distance for reassurance about my speech.

When it came to writing down the speech, the words just flowed out of me, as they would with any writer.

So what’s it like speaking in front of one thousand people? Terrifying 

I imagined every worse case scenario in my head before-hand. These involving:

  • tripping on stage (always happens)
  • being too short for the podium
  • forgetting my lines or stumbling on my break-through line.

I watched motivational speakers on YouTube, I read tips on how eating protein for breakfast would help.

When it came down to it, it was a really”in the moment” kind of experience, there’s something about public speaking that numbs my senses and it’s just me and the words. So I did.  Then came the election.

I am not by a millionth of a second “popular” in my school. So the chances of me winning this popularity contest? Low low.

I stressed over it all week, I promised myself I wouldn’t come to school on results day because it would be too humiliating if I didn’t get in.

As my wise friends told me, it wouldn’t be humiliating at all if I didn’t get in, it would be Life. I tried and that’s all that really matters.



I did get in. 

I got into the school’s most prestigious student leadership position by not being half as popular.

I’d like to say I knew all along I was going to get in but truth is, people around me had more faith in my success than I did in myself.

What’s the point of this story you ask?

Well, I’m here to tell you as the title of the post kindly says.

Take a leap of Faith 

If you’ve been meaning to do something for a long time or an opportunity presents itself. Go for it. You never know until you try and trust me, you don’t wanna regret not trying. Worst feeling. And hey, it won’t always work out in your favour but that’s okay it’s just life and there are better things waiting for you.

Remember I live in a world of possibilities where nothing is impossible