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8 Game of Thrones Season 7 Predictions that MUST happen

I guess we’re all still recovering from the epic finale which I recapped here but I don’t know about you but my brain is already running on overdrive about what is going to happen next season. With only 13 episodes left until the show wraps up for good I believe season 7 will be one hell of an action packed adventure.

Jon Snow

As was so obviously revealed in the season finale, Jon is the son of Lyanna Stark and let’s be honest, the father must be Rhaegar Targaryen. This means that Jon is a Tagaryen and thus has a rightful claim to the Iron Throne!

I’ve seen a few theories floating around the internet that Jon’s name isn’t Jon but rather he has a Targaryen name. Hmm could it be Aegon? Aerys? who knows.

Cersei Lannister

So far no one has managed to stay on the Iron Throne long without getting killed so we can only assume Cersei is destined for doom especially because of all the hatred surrounding her. As for Cersei’s death, I have two predictions:

Dany and Cersei have a showdown where Dany either kills Cersei herself or one of the Dragons does.

Or Arya makes her way to King’s Landing, since Cersei is on her list of people to kill and Arya kill Cersei which would be a pretty sweet revenge for the Stark’s!

Nonetheless, Cersei is cornered, the Ships are coming with Dany and the dragons, considering Varys went to see the women in Dorne along with house Tyrell, I believe Dany and Dorne and house Tyrell will ally to take Cersei down and everyone in Winterfell hates Cersei too.

We are in for one epic battle!

Bran and the Wildlings

I’m guessing Bran is making his way back to Winterfell because I can’t see him going back anywhere else.

As for the Wildlings I think they will be left to dealt with for season 8 because I can see an epic Wildling battle happening which will just be too hectic and we need Dany’s dragons to burn the shit out of the Widlings and ahh!



Reaction + Predictions | High Sparrow (spoilers)

Previous Episode 

Another week, Another Game of Thrones reaction post.

I don’t personally like narrating the whole episode and I’m sure you (if you’ve watched the episode) don’t like reading the episode either so I’ve chucked in a few predictions to spice things up and I hope you enjoy!

This episode was the one where things are actually beginning to happen, wedding and executions and naked people, it doesn’t get more Game of Thrones than that.

Prediction #1: Margaery and Cersei

First up, Margaery and Tommen are married already, that escalated quickly. they both do seem to have quite likable banter and I’m enjoying how the show is giving Tommen more exposure in comparison to the books.

But obviously Margaery is already digging her claws into Tommen and Cersei is being mamma bear, oh the game is ON between those two.

In the books Cersei accuses Margaery of adultery so she gets arrested by the High Sparrow but the way the show is integrating Tommen between these two women I predict there will come a situation where he’ll be asked to choose between the two and it will be heartbreaking if this actually happens and if he actually sends his mother to prison essentially.

Prediction #2  Sansa

It’s actually happening. I’d heard rumours and such but Sansa and Ramsay ahh.

But I have a strong feeling that Sansa is out for vengeance and she will take back the North. She will.

I’m predicting murdering Ramsay in his sleep (is that too harsh?)

And Brienne’s heading to Winterfell with Podrick too and Theon is there so Sansa has her own little posse to win Winterfell back!

Random thoughts

  • Even though I’ve read the books, it was still very interesting hearing Brienne and Podrick share their backstory a bit. I feel like GoT hasn’t done that a lot.
  • Jon is taking his Lord Commander role well. My God he’s such a good ruler!
  • The House of Black and White still remains a bit vague but you can’t expect them to spew all the details at once I suppose.
  • Cersei buttering up the High Sparrow tho. She’s just digging her own grave isn’t she.

On that happy note, that was what was going through my weird brain during this week’s episode. Be sure to tune back in same time next week for another peep into my crazy thoughts circulating GoT!

What’s your take on Ep.3?


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