2016 Resolutions


I hope 2016 will be a happy year for all filled with lots of fun

As is custom I’ve set myself some blogging and life resolutions which I decided would be interesting to share.

Blogging Resolutions 

1. Post at least twice a week: I’m approaching my last year of schooling which is going to get hectic I’m sure and in that I don’t want to lose my passion for blogging or leave you guys hanging, so I’m going to make a real effort to put content out there.

2. Participate:  I’m really starting to appreciate this book-loving community we have and I’ve enjoyed participating in bookish events across the internet and in real-life surrounded by like minded people. So let’s continue that in 2016

3. Collaborate:  This was one of my resolutions for last year which I didn’t exactly complete. But guys, I really do want to have people contribute content to this blog or do a guest post on another blog, we’re gonna make it happen!

Personal Resolutions 

1. Live in the moment: I want to really stop worrying about the past or the future and just enjoy the moment right now, especially because it’s my last year of high school and I want to remember as much as I can.

2. Learn to love and value myself: This is a really personal one because often times I am my harshest critic 

3. Find ways to grow and improve without being too harsh on yourself

4. Have faith that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to 

Those are my goals for the year!

What are some of your resolutions?