Photo Diary | India 

If you read my post Going Back To Your Roots you may be aware that I’m in India for three weeks. I’ve only got a little bit of time left so I wanted to share the experiences I’ve had so far 

So just this morning we went crocodile spotting. This fella was just sun bathing.

Inside the box is the body of Saint Francis who’s been preserved for 500 years 

I hope you enjoyed this little look at India! 


Photography 101: solitude


Solitude: the state of being alone

I tried to represent it metaphorically through this picture. 
It shows that you’re a ghost of a person, completely isolated.
Technically speaking we were asked to use the rule of thirds for this photo and I believe the shoes lie on an intersection so yea


Photography 101: water

Semaphore beach

Water. This ever essential ever present element in our lives.  There is so much of it yet it remains a limited resource.
It binds continents.
If I sailed across that ocean I’d be in another state or country altogether.
If I jumped in I might float on top or it might engulf me completely.

Like humans, it’s sometimes moody, sometimes calm.

It’s a very powerful and very present source in our lives.

Wow that came out more poetic than I expected but I’m sorry this is late but I was having artists’ block and couldn’t think of a creative enough way to represent water.