Rant: This is so NOT fair

Happy Monday everyone,

Today I’m going to be venting about fair pay. Right I’m a teenager and I work a minimum wage job aka fast food.

Back when I first got the job my maths tutor (yes I need tutoring judge me) made a statement and it went something like this:

Why should anyone get paid less for doing the same job just because of their age?

I didn’t think much of it at the time but as time has passed and all the glories of a new job are wearing into routinely torture I find myself thinking upon this statement more and more.

Why should I or any other teenager get paid less than an adult for making burgers or mopping the floor. I mean we’re literally doing the exact same thing and you’re telling me they get paid more just because they happen to be born 1000 days before me?

I think myself as a rather hardworking person. As in if I’m getting paid for something I’m gonna do my best but everyone’s not like that and just because they have the advantage of age they get to not take the weight and get the good end of the deal.


Some people might think that adults have to pay more bills so they need that much more money but where I live you can move out at sixteen and then you have just as much responsibility as an adult but guess what? you get paid less cuz you’re younger.

I understand that some people don’t even have a job and I shouldn’t be complaining but there’s just days when you work so hard and it’s all so unfair….

I’m gonna leave you with my very honest opinion. Feel free to express yours in the comments