Photo Diary | The Past Two Weeks 

Hello everybody !

You may or may not have noticed that I’ve been inactive recently and that’s because I’ve had a lovely guest over from France staying with me for the past two weeks. We’ve had some of the best days together and I decided I’d share some with you !


I hope to return to France one day and make just as incredible memories with this incredible human. Hope you guys liked the photos x



My Memory Box 

I’m a huge fan of memories and recording memories whether it’d be through photography or writing.

A while ago I started collecting memorable things in my life and over time I’ve accumulated quite a few important bits of my life in this now huge box

Here is an overview of what’s in my memory box. Please note it’s a bit vague for obvious privacy reasons

Journals 2009-present 
I’ve always been a huge believer in journaling. Being an over thinker I find it makes life much easier if I can just write everything down.

Of course we can’t forget the dreadful times when you go back and read those journals and realise what a goof you were

Travel memories I recently went to France and basically hoarded all the brochures/ postcards/ tickets/ souvenir coins. These ended up in here too.

Movie tickets   I initially began this memory box to collect movie tickets so this is where it all started I guess

Event tickets 
Concert and event tickets are also part of the mix

Photographs    Although I create albums of my photos. My memory box has the more important photo booth photos of myself and my friends

Birthday cards  All the birthday cards received from friends and family reside in here

School achievements 
  Although most of them are kept with my parents there are a few school achievements in here that I’m highly proud of such as my award for French/ my Prefect acceptance letter and my Peer leader badge.

Bits & bobs We can never forget the little things such as travel souvenirs bought home by friends

Those are the weirdly un-interesting things inside my memory box.

The purpose of this post was to maybe inspire you to start collecting the important things in your life.

You never know, one day when you’re ninety years old with nothing to do you could sort through your memory box!



We forget

Today the fam and I sporadically decided to check out this carnival going down at the beach and I took this opportunity to test out my dad’s literally thirty year old camera. You know the kind which has film and you take photos and you get them developed. It’s rad.

They are creations of wonder.

You see, we live in a world where there is an excess amount of noise. We are unawarely pressured to Instagram it or Facebook it and in doing so we forget to actually appreciate the thing we are Instagramming or Facebooking. We forget to admire the feel of smooth sand on our feet, the joy of eating fish and chips or really taking in that striking sunset. We forget to breathe, We forget to make memories.

My film camera made me see beauty in the most mundane things like waiting for the perfect moment to capture the sun setting below the horizon, feeling the cool evening breeze bite into your skin, marveling at the pink clouds floating above a raging sea.

After all, our eyes are the best camera we will ever have. The pictures will burn down, the phones will run out of battery but your memories will still be there. So if you don’t take it all in now what is gonna be left but an empty film?