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Cover to Cover | Anne of Green Gables

So I got hooked to the mini series which you should totally check out and started reading the books which are so filled with the joys of girlhood. I am thoroughly enjoying the writing!

The Original Cover


Having green as the theme colour makes so much sense but the checkered pattern really captures the era it was set in. The illustration of Anne in her humble abode gives a nice homely film. Looking at this cover it’s the kind of book you wanna crack open on a Sunday morning

The special edition


This is the one I own and I absolutely love it! It takes me back to my childhood when I’d read those old school short stories. I absolutely love how it’s a painting. However, I’ve never been a big fan of illustrating the main character as it doesn’t leave much to the imagination

The Puffin Classics


Correct me if I’m wrong but Puffin have done a few classics in these types of covers where they’re hardcover collectiles and I love them! I love the font and the imagery and the colour scheme. It’s almost abstract in a sense

The Modern version


So turns out Puffin reprinted these in 2008 with a modern twist. Most classics come in this format but the illustration is what makes it stand out. I’m kind of drawn towards the sketch and it gives the book a peculiar feel

Another modern version


This is a bit different in that they’ve used a real model. It certainly does look very pretty with all the vibrant colours

which ones is your favourite?