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Photo Diary | Mythical Forest 

Part of my time in France involved exploring a mythical forest related to the legend of merlin and King Arthur. Needless to say it was pretty freaking awesome 

But first let’s go to a little French town where I shared my first French crepe with my best friend..   
On a boat ride where double rainbows happened. Also, it looked like the riviera 

Exploring islands 


 Now comes the mythical forest part…here’s a thousand year old tree 
An information board explaining merlin’ dark magic fountain 

The hike to merlin’s fountain 

This is where merlin performed dark magic arts!    
Some pretty mushrooms 

An information board explaining the tree of gold 


It’s actual gold and it’s protected guys 

Pretty castle which was closed for renovation    
Hope you enjoyed more France photos. I’m trying not to flood you guys with them haha 



Photo Diary | France 

As you may or may not be aware, I travelled to France for three weeks with my school. Here is the story told in pictures…

Parisian Trees…


On the train to Redon, Brittany

The courtyard of the school we ‘studied’ in

The ancient buildings of the school seriously reminded me of Hogwarts

The school Chapel..

Roman Carvings all around the school corridors


There was Graffiti everywhere


The streets reminded me of Game of Thrones, particularly the area around the High Sept


They have the pretties buildings in France!

I hope you liked the first few photos from France, I’m really trying not to bombard you guys

Next Photo Diary I take you to a Mythical forest (Hint: Think Merlin and King Arthur)



Guess Who’s Back…

Probably not but hey I’m back from France baby

Let’s ignore the massive pile of homework and life I have to catch up on and talk about YOU

What have you been up to? If you own a blog, link me to some of your recent blog posts I’d love to catch up!

I hope you enjoyed the posts I scheduled during the time I was away

In the coming weeks I’ll get back to reviews and let’s not forget, PHOTOS

Oh so many PHOTOS from France and something that will have us book lovers tingling with delight…




Announcement| I’m going to France!

Hello everybody!

Just a quick post to let you guys know that I’m going to France


I know, I know, late notice much?

But seriously, I hope that explains the absence of posts because double schoolwork and packing equates to stress and hypertension.

I’m basically going on a school trip to France for three weeks. Two weeks shall be spent in Brittany and one week shall be spent exploring Paris.

I’ve been working really hard on scheduling posts while I’m away so I hope that all goes well and you guys enjoy them!

I cannot wait to return and do a bunch of travel posts including photos ahh!

If you have any specific post requests in reference to France or Paris feel free to leave them in the comments!

In the meantime, I apologise to all the publishers for late reviews of books and I apologise for not replying to any comments. I hope that is understandable.



How To Survive A Black Out

So yesterday I had the misfortune of surviving my first proper black out in a very long time.

Emotions ran high people, especially due to the guilt of all the homework I wasn’t able to do (I know such a nerd) but I survived and you can too. Just follow these exact steps that I did and you’ll make it!

Step 1: Lose you shit

So your laptop’s about to run out of charge,, your phone isn’t any good either and you’re left alone in darkness. For the first time, alone with your dark thoughts without all these distractions. So what do you do?

Freak out. Run around. Scream.

Because it is not acceptable that in 2015 we humans be left without electricity and WIFI. Oh dear Lord.

At this point there will be the initial doubt about alien invasions creeping into your mind so that calls for

Step 2: Snoop Around

Yes this involves actually getting out of the house.


Look around  and see if anyone else is in the same situation. Chances are you’re not alone and chances are you’ll see some technicians around trying to solve the problem.

Which brings me to…

Step 3: Realize that you’re not alone

Trust me, the frustration around the neighbourhood will be REAL.

I’m talking screaming kids, continuous barking and just general human unrest.

Step 4: Go for a walk

It creates the illusion that you’re actually doing something besides camping out in your front yard waiting for the lights to come back on.

Besides what better time to walk around proudly in your fuzzy socks, I mean no can see you. Literally

Step 5:  Start Noticing

Like how the crickets and the night animals finally get to be heard now that the TVs and the aircons are off.

How the moon actually illuminates everything more beautifully than any light bulb could

The little details that you wouldn’t give a millisecond of thought to finally get to be seen in the darkness.

Step 6:  Realize what a privilege electricity is

When the lights come back on, take a moment to think how lucky you are to flip one switch and have the whole house illuminated.





Infinite Impulses | Toxic

Infinite Impulses is an original feature on Infinity Reads where I post spur of the moment impulsive posts about anything and everything. Enjoy!

In an age where taking pictures of our food has become more important than eating itself I find myself feeling quite out of place

I’ve always felt like I belong in a long-before time where people would go horse-riding or just be simply more connected with nature or where chivalry was still alive. Where writing love letters to express your feelings was the way to do it instead of asking someone in a bar to hook up with you over drinks or something

I feel like there is so much negativity that comes with this realm of ‘the internet’. It’s so easy for people to be someone else, to be mean or inconsiderate, it’s so easy to ignore the fact that just because you don’t see the tears it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

And I really try not to concentrate on the negativity but there are times when it’s all you can focus on and it’s toxic and it fills you up with this disgusting feeling about the people that inhabit this planet with you.

When I do go into these moods though it’s a good idea to write a list of all the good things like the cute internet friends you make!

Wow I’m glad I got that off my chest, back to good ol’ book reviews then!




Infinite Impulses: Old Starts

Infinite Impulses is an original feature on Infinity Reads where I post spur of the moment impulsive posts about anything and everything. Enjoy!

I followed the motions of putting my dress on. Loop arms through, button up and straighten.

It was the same dress I’d put on for one hundred something days of the year for the past three years but this time it felt different. I expected to feel tightness in my waist from all the chub I’ve acquired in the holidays but funnily enough it didn’t bother me anymore.

My dress made me feel like I was floating, it made me feel…comfortable.

I guess that’s the thing  you know, you wear something over and over,  the first time it feel wrong like you can never ever feel comfort in this thing, this bondage. But over time a routine ensues and after three years guess what? you grow into it, you stop caring, something in you or the dress rakes place that makes you feel comfortable.

I start high school today for the fourth time and I can still remember the first time like it was yesterday. Does my hair look okay? is my dress too long? do I look nerdy in these glasses? what if I’m alone?

What am I thinking this time you ask? Well you know I’ll just throw my hair in a bun, wear my glasses with pride and strut in my long comfy dress cuz WHO CARES? I’m comfortable. I’m confident

This isn’t a new beginning, it’s just the same thing I’ve done for the past three years. It’s an old start.

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Summer ’14

A collection of photographs I took on my Yashica 38mm Film Camera during December 2014. Enjoy!








Fancy sunset hey? wait ’til you see the next one



This is the carnival I mentioned in my We Forget post!


I had to put some food in there duh. Yay for Churros


C’est Moi. Okay let’s move on and yes my shirt says Unicorn on it. Judge me.


And then I went to Africa. Joking! These were taken at a wildlife park. I was especially excited to see the White Rhinos since they’re some of the most endangered species right now. Here’s a mother and child taking a stroll.


There’s Simba and his long lost sister just chillin’


It’s a Rock Wallaby NOT a Kangaroo. I may or may not have scared him away soz.


Giraffes are literally the cutest

I know I’m not a professional photographer or anything but I wanted to share these with you since I was so chuffed with myself. Thanks for stopping by!





Recently I watched a movie called 500 days of Summer. I’m sure you’ve heard of it or maybe you haven’t, it’s decent. But this movie got me thinking a lot about fate.

In particular the following quote caught my attention:

Narrator: If Tom had learned anything… it was that you can’t ascribe great cosmic significance to a simple earthly event. Coincidence, that’s all anything ever is, nothing more than coincidence… Tom had finally learned, there are no miracles. There’s no such thing as fate, nothing is meant to be. He knew, he was sure of it now.

Now my understanding of this quote is that, it’s telling me fate doesn’t exist that there is no reason, no connections in life. That nothing is predetermined I don’t know how to express it. It”s telling me everything just happens. Just cuz.

I could be completely wrong but hey that’s my interpretation. Back to the movie, I watched it with my friend on a stormy evening and she thought this was an exceptional quote so much so that she pinned it up on her wall. But me being me was already digging and thinking way too deeply into it and it just felt dark, negative.

I’m the kind of person that believes everything has a purpose. It’s your destiny to meet that person or get that job or read this blog post.

Which brings me to the contradicting topic of coincidence. The dictionary definition is as follows. (bless Google)

Coincidence- A remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.
Previously, I mentioned the quote from 500 days of Summer gives me the feeling that there are no existing connections between humans inhabiting this planet. Now, this completely threw me off because I’m a strong believer in connections especially after I watched this TV show, can’t remember the name but yeah it was quite inspirational.
Connections is what fate is about and this universe it binds us all in one way or another. Are you really telling me it was just a coincidence that you’re reading this post right now? I mean you could have decided to take a stroll in the park instead and this would just be archived in the overflowing library of internet data. Think about it.
This post was created upon pure impulse and I’m sorry if I can’t express my thoughts very clearly. Expressing emotions is crazy difficult and I want to get better at it and practice makes perfect right?
On another note. I’m sorry if you thought this post was pointless and if you’d like to add anything on this topic feel free to do so in the comments or on your blog.