Film review

Film Review | LA LA LAND

As soon as the curtains rolled up I recall thinking “how can this movie not be good?”

And good it was my friends. Aside from having some of the most talented actors, La La Land was riveting and artistic and relatable on so many levels.

We see the struggle of a small town actress which I know will resonate with creators from all fields. The film brings to light the struggle with rejection that artists endure. The fight to stay authentic but also well-respected. The fight to keep something alive.

Some roles are just made for certain characters and I feel like the roles of Mia and Seb were just made for Ryan and Emma. They have such amazing screen chemistry and they play the part of lost creators in a world full of potential so well. I loved how through Seb’s character you develop a certain respect for Jazz and its need to be alive. From Mia’s character we see how rejection beats us down and inhibits our creative potential.

There is just so much that can be said about this movie. The editing is fantastic, from the music to the cuts and the visual effects, everything flows very well. The producers gives us an alternate ending but in the end the characters have to live with the choices they’ve made. La La Land is truly a timeless masterpiece.