Cover to Cover

Cover To Cover | Just One Day by Gayle Forman

Cover To Cover is basically an excuse for us to swoon over pretty covers while also deciding which one we would be most willing to buy

Today’s book, Just One Day by Gayle Forman, is one I haven’t gotten around to purchasing while the sequel sits on my bookshelf collecting dust. So hey! maybe this post might help me decide which cover I should invest into.

The English Edition


Upon initial viewing, I think this cover is beautiful. The silhouettes give it this abstract feel while the sunlight adds that little bit of magic. There’s also a kind of simplicity to the whole thing

The Other English Edition


I’m not usually a fan of having real people on covers however, I like the whole “out of focus” thing that’s going on in the cover, representing time I guess but it still wouldn’t be my favourite.

The Other Other English Edition


HOLY this one. Now I know this puzzle style of book covers has been going around a lot but just the colour scheme and the font and the fact that it is Paris. Oh my

The Indonesian Edition


See now this is a pretty cover as well. I’m likin’ the tea and Paris in the background again, The warm colours also make the whole thing radiate

The Portuguese Cover


I like how the background is kind of sketch format while the girl is obviously a real person. This gives me the impression that the book centres arounf wartime Paris or something, very contradictory to the bright undertones we’ve seen in the previous covers.

The Verdict

I think it’s pretty obvious but if I had to buy one right now (which I would totally do if I had money) I’d pick this one. It just had me awed from the beginning and is going right at the top of my wishlist thank you very much.