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Insurgent Trailer: Why the hate?

The Insurgent trailer hit the internet recently and literally every other opinion I’ve heard is filled with complaint. So I decided, right, about time someone set some things straight about the adaptation of this series.

Be aware that spoilers from the books will be discussed. 

The trailer starts with this mysterious box and the whole buzz is “THIS WASN’T IN THE BOOKS, WTF IS THIS”. I agree I was a bit thrown off by it the first time since yes it isn’t in the books but having watched the trailer a second time I believe the box might be the information Edith Prior left. I suggest people be a bit more open minded about these minor changes as heck it’s just a box.

Moving on we see Tris and Four and everyone in their Amity clothing, very impressive and from then it gets heavy. There are all these action packed scenes with the Factionless and people shooting guns. The complaint here is Tris is shooting a gun and in the books she isn’t able to do that because of Will. I agree with this because Will’s death had a huge impact on Tris’ character development but on the other hand seeing her kick butt is empowering. We all love a good kick ass female protagonist right?

Then Tris turns into a Transformer. Jokes. But she’s flying around and there’s fire and there’s her mom.

“Criticising voice”


First of all, I believe her mom is part of a simulation Tris is having, it’s a bit confusing but that’s my interpretation anyway. Second of all, it’s an ADAPTATION not a literal TRANSLATION of the entire book. So far they’ve stuck to the main plot, they haven’t replaced Shailene Woodley with Kristen Stewart so it seems pretty good to me. And Tris just watched her mom die in Divergent, doesn’t it make it powerful and symbolic for her to be trying to save her in Insurgent again?

Book readers also need to keep in mind that we only make a fraction of the target audience for this movie. Insurgent needs to be able to stand on its own and appeal to people who are never even gonna pick up the books.

This is just my opinion but I do hope the directors go in a different direction in terms of the final movie because let’s face it, Allegiant was not the best book.

I honestly don’t understand all the complaints surrounding how Insurgent is nowhere near the book. I saw many familiar events and characters so I’m content with that. Remember an adaptation is adapting the themes and ideas in a book to represent it as a movie so of course it’s not gonna be exactly the same. And it’s good that they tweaked a few things because it provides the book readers with some thrill as well.

It’s hard work making a movie let alone an adaptation so be open minded and I’m rooting for this movie to succeed just like the last one. Sure the trailer is confusing and not as exciting as Divergent but it’s not totally shit either.