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How To Write a Good Review

I recently did a post on why I hate reading reviews so I thought it might be a good idea to do a follow-up post about what makes a good, attention drawing review and how you can go about writing one.

Of course I am no expert and my reviews are no where near perfect, I just think, according to me, a review must have these key elements to make it stand out.


  • Make sure your post has factual information about the book/film/product you’re reviewing and that it is easy to spot like so:


  • A clear and logical structure will make sure your opinion gets across and it’s easy for the reader to follow.
  • Avoid long paragraphs as people generally tend to skim over those
  • Experiment with different ways of presenting information such as using lists or dot points instead of conventional paragraphs.


  • Make sure your writing is coherent and easy to follow¬†
  • A well written review will always ensure your opinion is easy to understand
  • Avoid using long, hefty, words, the less pretentious the review is, the more people will want to come back and read your own unique voice
  • Good grammar and punctuation mean less headaches and more visitors- Read over your review at least once to make sure there are no typos


  • Add relevant pictures such as the cover of the book or a scene from a film to avoid your review from looking dull
  • Avoid overloading your post with GIFs- this will mean your words get lost in the GIFs
  • Experiment with different fonts, colours, things as simple as bold and italics to get your point across while keeping the post interesting.

My rock bottom advice while writing reviews would be to keep it minimalistic while making sure you’re saying everything you want to say. Reviews are a form of expression so of course you’re not bound by any rules but I just thought a post like this might help someone looking for a guideline as to how to write a review!