A Very Aussie Skincare Haul

I just wanted an excuse to show you what I got from Kangaroo Island. You can read all abut my trip here but other than that here are some purchase ideas

Lavender Shower Gel

I visited a lavender farm and learnt about all the amazing things lavender can do for your skin so of course I wanna come out of the shower smelling good. The product is handmade from locally sourced lavender

Honey Lip Balm

So I visited a honey farm and honey is one of those things that is good for every part of your body like as a food, as soaps, as a foot scrub. But I just wanted a nice lip balm for these cold winter months

Earthy Body Lotion

Not gonna lie I stole this from the hotel’s skincare line. It smells like crushed leaves and I just could not resist

Miraculous Emu Oil

So we visited a eucalyptus distillery and the lady was saying how this oil can be used a natural parabin free mosituriser in the morning. I tried a bit in the store and it smells like nothing but it leaves your skin feeling so nourished

Stolen Facial Bar

Again this was in the hotel product range and the idea of a hydrating facial bar which smells like crushed leaves just gets me okay

Those are all the things I spent my money on. I haven’t tried any but they all look so promising

book haul

January Book Haul- The $3 Edition


Ello Ello!

I recently acquired some books, most of these I stumbled upon by accident and decided to purchase (that always happens by the way). And yes all of these excepting All The Bright Places were $3, I know ABSOLUTE STEALS RIGHT?

And yes I just had to feature my Penguin because who doesn’t love Penguins?

All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven–  Been stoked to read this since the beginning of the year. There’s a picture of me smelling the book on Instagram so why aren’t you following me? (@infinityreads03)



Popular- a memoir by Maya Van Wagenen- I’ve heard so many good things and apparently the author’s only like sixteen which is incredible. And it’s non fiction so all the more reason to read it!



Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins- I have read Anna already and I do own it in hardcover but I have the old one (remember those?) and these new covers are just so gorgeous so I just had to okay


My sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult-  Since like 2013 I’ve been trying to get into Jodi Picoult so now the opportunity presented itself so I decided to pick up one of her most popular works duh.

Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult- Don’t know what it’s about but sounds interesting.

Just One Year by Gayle Forman-  Sequel to Just One Day which I’ve yet to buy (I know, Stupid). I adore Gayle Forman so for obvious reasons I wanna read this series as well then I would’ve read ALL her published works which is SO COOL.

That concludes my book haul. I am so content with the newest additions to my shelf and cannot wait to whiz through them all!

Buy any new books lately? Let me know in the comments and KEEP READING!



Lifestyle Haul

About time I lost my blog hauling virginity!

Seriously though. I’ve never done a haul before, mostly because I’m broke but today I was lucky enough to afford some cute albeit somewhat unnecessary things. 😉


Snapchat--8402024507715178457Who doesn’t love a bit of stationary, especially Tumblr stationary. Typo is the way to go and I love the writing even more. It’s like my motto.



Snapchat-7883693439212283259In case you’re wondering it’s just plain lined paper inside just like any other notebook. The highlight really is the front!


Snapchat--5901074641851885828Adding onto the Tumblr-ness is this bag that I just had to get. Not just because it says “Today is going to be awesome” but also cuz I am obsessed with this shade of grey.




It has a lovely Pleather interior and a soft exterior. Nice drawstrings and this bag was acquired from Factorie Australia.


Snapchat--8994258081029182312Next my mother bought me possibly my first expensive makeup product! It’s definitely my first MAC product eek!

Snapchat--8184002574612603336In the colour ‘Brave Red’. Just a classic Red, can’t go wrong with that!


Snapchat-9074383392770716491Continuing on the mother appreciation train, she bought me a little sumin-sumin from Charles and Keith. Jeez it’s like Christmas come early for me ay?

Snapchat--7733359876299176181These gorgeous flats (because I’m not a heel girl). Sorry I had to turn the flash on my camera to show you the bling at the front which adds a nice embellishment.

And lastly but not leastly because I just had to:

Snapchat--1000825334168224694If this existed in your childhood then we can be BFFS. I saw this in the kids section the other day and I went “heck it’s summer, I have nothing to do, might as well”. So yay for long Uno sessions!

That is all for my first ever haul. I hope you enjoyed seeing what I bought. I know it’s not that exciting but meh I’m very grateful and excited to actually use these things!

Have a good life 🙂