Reaction | Game of Thrones Season Five Premiere

Good morrow to you!

So if you’ve been living under a rock I am delighted to tell you that Season 5 of Game of Thrones aka my favourite show premiered this Sunday. I’ve seen a dozen reactions and breakdowns so I decided to be un-creative and join the bandwagon. Here’s my take on Ep.One

The show opens with a flashback scene of young Cersei boom we’re already off to a good start.

I believe this episode did a good job of setting the scene and introducing the main plot points for the rest of the season.

We meet the Sons of the Harpy and watch Daenerys starting to get conflicted about the whole fighting pits situation.

And also Dragons!

and Daario! that escalated quickly…

Okay moving on we meet Lancel who doesn’t look like Lancel at all…

Buzz cut=sainthood

The Sparrows were introduced well. Like who they are and what their values are. Also, I loved the subtle introduction to Dorne’s geography, GoT writers are sneaky in telling non book readers where this season is heading.

I don’t have much to say about Sansa and Littlefinger and the events occurring at the Vale except for the fact that we can already see Sansa being cynical and it’s only episode one. That girl’s got hell of a transformation coming

Oh and during the Tyrion and Varys scenes I wasn’t the only one lip syncing their dialogues was I?

Spanning across to the Wall. The steps lading up to the Wildling war are already in motion. We see Jon being all responsible and at the end of the episode taking charge in putting Mance out of his misery.  Can someone please explain why Melisande asked Jon if he was a virgin.I have a feeling this is some Red Magic going on here.

We can establish that the season is going way faster than the books but every minute of that first episode was worth it. I would argue it didn’t have me at the edge of my seat but it was more easing into the action that is to come and I’m sure there’ll be plenty of future episode where I’ll just fall off my seat completely.

I’m going to try do a reaction for every episode, only if you want me to of course because here at Infnity Reads we aim to entertain.

if you’ve watched the episode what’s your take?


Next Episode


Top 5 Wednesday | Authors I’d like to meet


This week’s top five is about authors we’d like to meet which is such a hard topic to narrow down to five since I wanna meet each and every author I’ve read books from because I feel like authors are the perfect people to discuss books with since they have exclusive insight and all that good stuff.

Don’t forget if you wanna check out other people’s Top Five’s then head over to the Goodreads group!


Richelle Mead!


Books Read: The Vampire Academy and Bloodlines

Why I wanna meet them:

Richelle seems so lovely and she never forgets to mention how much she loves her international (Aussies) fans!

What I would do upon meeting them:

If I ever get the chance to go to the USA or if she ever comes to Australia I will tackle her in a bear hug (is that too violent?) No but seriously I would just have a casual chat about life and her upcoming projects, take a few hundred selfies and of course get her to sign my tower of Richelle Mead books!


Gayle Forman 

Books Read: If I stay, Where she went and I was Here

Why I wanna meet them:

For the past few months I have been continuously raving about Gayle Forman. Well I am kind of obsessed with all her books and all the boys in her books (wink wink). I saw her Goodreads interview the other day and she seems so down to Earth and can we just take a moment to admire her majestic hair aah!

What I would do upon meeting them:

From reading her books I feel like Gayle is really into the music scene so I would ask her about songs I should add to my playlist. It would also be cool discussing her experience with If I Stay becoming a movie and also her inspiration for the intriguing, mystery filled plot of I was Here.



Books Read: A Song of Ice and Fire Series

Why I wanna meet them:

I read A Song of Ice and Fire series in five months straight up and I watch the show religiously so of course I wanna meet GRRM

What I would do upon meeting them:


I feel like I would get intimidated because I hold him in such high regards. But I would try and get a few spoilers out of him without success, in all honesty I would just be happy discussing the characters and where the initial idea for Game of Thrones all came from.


Jane Austen (no one mentioned anything about the author being still alive.)

Books Read: Pride & Prejudice

Why I wanna meet them:

Because it’s freakin’ Jane Austen that’s why. Doesn’t every literary addict wanna meet this genius writer?

What I would do upon meeting them:

I would question how she came back from the dead.

After that we’d sit down for some tea and Scones and I ‘d ask her all about life in the 19th Century and being a female writer and yeah it would be an interesting conversation with me trying to decipher her language and vice versa. Oh and I’d take a selfie to make everybody and their uncle jealous.

I know Austen should’ve been number One but you’ll see….


John Green

Books Read: The Fault in Our Stars, An Abundance of Katherines, Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns

Why I wanna meet them:

High school for me has been all about John Green and his writing and I feel like I’ve grown up with it. Plus John is a Nerdfighter, he is THE Nerdfighter which is awesome and crazy and I feel like I’ll just be bombarded with smartness and knowledge meeting him.

What I would do upon meeting them:

I ‘d ask him to pinch me just in case it was a dream. After that I would hyperventilate.

After eventually settling down and if he is still around I would have a casual chat with him about absolutely everything and nothing. Sounds like so much FUN. Oh and I’d take selfies because let’s be honest…it’s John Green.

I hope you enjoyed reading my weird ideas about meeting my favourite authors and let me know who you’d like to meet and what you’d do upon meeting them!





A mysterious package

Today I received a package.

Returning home from school with a bag of lemons (thank you kind neighbour) I sighted a certain box nestled on my pillow


Feeling puzzled by the “handle with care” I proceeded to penetrate the box open with a pair of scissors.


Not gonna lie I’ve always dreamt of these white things. As weird as that may sound I just love squishy packaging,  it shows that people care you know.

I’m sure you’re dying to know what is in there, well so was I. Without further redue ” drumroll”


I’m so sorry, it won’t freakin rotate!

But yes George R R martin’s fresh from the printer A world of Ice and Fire, the untold history of westeros.

I cannot wait to dive into some history and get a better understanding for Winds of Winter. 

I can’t really review this book but let me know if you want me to perhaps discuss opinions or theories?

I hope you enjoyed my short narration, a really exciting blog post is coming on Tuesday! So get ready

I’m also busy with Nanowrimo
prep hence why there wasn’t a review or anything

Have a great life



Game of Thrones TAG

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about anything related to Game Of Thrones and I miss it. After scouring the deepest darkest corners of the internet I’ve found some questions I’d like to answer.

1. How did you discover the series/books?

There’s a story behind this, so get ready for story time! One summer I was bored and wished to start watching a new tv series so I began watchiing Game Of Thrones. 3 minutes into the show and I was extremely confused so I decided to read the books hoping the show would make more sense. So, I bought the books impulsively. Here’s the thing the best books I buy are the ones I buy on impulse, it’s like I don’t choose the book, the book chooses me.

2. What is your favorite house apart from Stark or Lannister?

Here’s a picture of my phone case.

Do i even need to elaborate?. The Stark or Lannisters aren’t even my favorite houses, Targaryens FTW!

3. Who is your favorite character from house Stark/Lannister?

This is a no brainer. Arya from house stark that little face changing wolf and Tyrion of the house Lannister that little cunning genius.

4. Who is your favorite character?

This is an extremely tough question. I’d have to say Cersei. Let me explain. Out of all the characters I find her POVs in the book the most interesting just because she’s portrayed as this bitch by other characters, I highly enjoy reading what she has to say for herself. And to be honest it would be gut wrenching if she died, but sooner or later it’s bound to happen knowing GRRM.

5.Who is your least favorite character?

I’d have to say Sansa. I can feel everybody judging me already. But seriously she just comes off as dumb and I know some people think she’s the biggest game player but honestly she just seems to follow Littlefinger and It’s hard to explain but I just get  really bored with her.

6. What are your thought about the series/ books?

I’ve reviewed all of A Song of Ice and Fire books on my blog so feel free to check those out to find out my thoughts on the books. About the series, I feel like they’re moving at a much faster pace and I just hope Winds of Winter doesn’t get spoiled for me because of the show. Although the show isn’t as detailed as the books all the events are executed so powerfully, it really is the best.

7. If you could be one of the characters who would you be and why?

All of the cool characters are dead or in danger of dying so I’m not sure if I’d want to be in their position. But if I have to choose I’d go with Bran just because he can do the cool Green seeing and what not.

8. What is your favorite episode/season?

My two favorite episodes are hands down

#1. Blackwater- the cinematography in that episode gave me goosebumps and the wildfire was so much better than I imagined it to be and oh it was perfect.

#2- The Red Wedding, I love how having read the books the show still manages to surprise me. The wedding was the most horrifyingly amazing thing I have ever witnessed. And can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful Rains of Castemere sounds?

9. What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming season/books?

I can literally write a whole blog post about this but here’s a little summary version:

Season 5- I wanna see amazingly animated dragons, lots of game playing and fight scenes featuring the Sand Snakes, I wanna see freakin Aegon Targaryen (they better not cut that part out)

Winds of Winter- I wanna see Dany kick butt again, lots of battles and blood, possibly white walkers or freaky zombie stuff judging by the title.

That concludes the tag. I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts and feel free to do the tag yourself and send me a link if you do!


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A Dance with Dragons-10 WTF moments

This post contains spoilers concerning A Song of Ice and Fire series by George.R.R.Martin. Read ahead at your own risk.  

Here are my 10 WTF moments from A Dance with Dragons.


 10. Bran finds the three eyed raven and more


This one came as no surprise since it did feature in season 4 of Game of thrones before I’d even started reading ADWD. It was still pretty fascinating to discover that the children of the forest are still alive and Bran has such an amazing gift.  The times when he went into the weirwoods and communicated with Ned Stark and Theon Greyjoy was SO COOL.

9. Jaime-Brienne reunion


It was like a bomb was dropped into the room, one moment Jaime was wondering how Brienne might be doing and the next she appeared in front of him out of nowhere! And she found Sansa? in Sandor Clegane’s captivity wut? I thought he died when Arya left him. In fact, throwback to A Feast for Crows I thought Brienne was getting hanged by Lady Stoneheart.


8. Fall of Cersei


To be honest we can all blame this one on Karma. It was so obvious this was it for her but it still came as a shock as she was such a strong independent character.  Cersei is not one I expected to be humiliated and worn down, I wonder if she does win the trial and escape execution will she go back to her former self, knowing Cersei she probably will.

7 and 6. Mance Rayder

Numbers 7 and 6 fall into the same category as they are both concerning Mance. This was literally a WTF moment. Mance is alive! and he was hiding under a false face with the help of sorcery what!


I believed him a traitor when he didn’t return from Jon’s mission but turns out he is in Winterfell, trying to rescue Arya who is actually Jeyne in collaboration with Theon,  Nw that is one big…mess. But it’s cool that he helped Jeyne and Theon escape.

5.  Quentyn the pretender

I truly believed Quentyn wanted to marry Daenerys in order to support the Targaryen cause but turns out he only wanted the dragons. Of course he did.  I can’t believe I dwelt on such a foolish fantasy that he did like her. People either want Dany’s dragons or they want to sleep with her. I won’t hesitate to say Quentyn deserved to die kidnapping the dragons I mean any fool can see it’s foolish to kidnap dragons (that probably doesn’t make sense but meh)

4. Just when you start liking a character, GRRM decides to kill them

I’m referring to Jon Connington/ Griff. I know he isn’t technically dead yet but he did get Grayscale. One of the most devastating moments in ADWD was when he found out he had the disease. Just before that point I was like, “hey I like this guy he’s so devoted”, then BAM he is about to die. Thanks GRRM thanks a lot.


The worst part is he is still able to prevent it but won’t like dude chop off your arm who cares at least you won’t die.

3. Tortured Theon feels

I am scared of Ramsay Snow/Bolton. The magnitude to which he tortured like to the point where Theon wouldn’t even acknowledge his true identity was horrendous.  Sure the physical torture was unpleasant but what really got me was how mentally damaged Theon was.  I could feel the pain especially when he made his decisions based on whether Ramsay would approve of them or not.


It did get quite repetitive and annoying during the book when he went “Reek it rhymes with______”.

I am very content that Theon escaped Ramsay and is now in the hands of his sister, maybe they could escape together? I don’t know.

The final two WTF moments are about the same person and that person is………


Do I even need to say anything more like the name in itself is a WTF. People who had read ahead of me hinted on a new Targaryen but for some reason I refused to acknowledge its existence. Even when Tyrion called it during ADWD I got Aegon and Jon Connington confused with Quentyn and his band of Dornishmen (both groups are pretty similar ok) but finally I did acknowledge the existence of Rhaeger and Elia’s son.  It was so enlightening to learn that Varys swapped the babies and Aegon was making his way to Daenerys so they could rule the world together YAY

But no. The biggest WTF was when Aegon took Tyrion’s advice.



Like are actually listening to Tyrion and riding to King’s Landing without Daenerys or the dragons. WHAT. I don’t think even Tyrion was serious when he gave that idea. But then again Aegon does have the Golden company so curious to see how this will all work out. (God I hope he doesn’t die)

I’ve only met Aegon through various character POVs and I will welcome the opportunity to read some Aegon POVs in the Winds of Winter.

Those are my top 10 WTF moments in A Dance with Dragons. What was the biggest shocker for you during ADWD or even throughout the whole series?


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Discussion: A Dance with Dragons

Author: George.R.R.Martindragons

Series: A song of Ice and Fire #5

Pages: 1125

Summary: Read here cuz it’s Wayy too long.




I’m assuming everyone reading this post has already read the book so you might understand that it is impossible to review/discuss the book without spoiling it or previous books in the series.

ADWD was the other half of A Feast for Crows and featured all my favourite characters: Jon, Daenerys, Tyrion and Arya.

This book took me a ridiculously long time to finish, I only felt involved during the last half but eventually I did finish the book and boy do I want the next one. Since the characters are the prime focus, without further redue let us discuss them.

Jon Snow


Jon story progressed a great deal in comparison to other characters in the book. I am going to oppose the statement that Jon Snow “knows nothing” as he was dealt with the wildling situation in a rather clever manner.  During A Feast for Crows I was annoyed with Jon what with him switching the babies and sending Sam away but reading his POV gave me insight.

I admire his ability to stick with his decisions even though not many people (uhm Night’s Watch brother) supported him. It did coast him in the end though, I mean talk about cliffhangers! You can’t just finish his POV with “Jon got stabbed”, I refuse to believe he is dead.



Daenerys annoyed me in ADWD especially when she pulled her whole, “I am a little girl and know not the ways of war”, like why would you start a war in the first place if you don’t know anything about it! I understand she had good intentions but why can’t she just stop trying to save the world and go back to Westeros and claim her throne.  Daenerys went from being this strong, determined woman to a love sick little girl with poor decision making skills.

A golden opportunity presented itself when Quentyn Martell appeared, I mean he literally offered to carry her to Westeros. With Dorne and Dragons by her side Daenerys would’ve been invincible but instead she decided to marry some dude who tried to feed her poisoned locusts.

My favourite part of the book was when Dany controlled Drogon like, yes I wanna see dragons and I wanna see angry, powerful, blood thirsty Dany.



Much of Tyrion’s storyline in ADWD consisted of him travelling, actually too much of his storyline. I mean no big deal, we got a grand tour of the free cities including a history lesson on Valyria, met familiar and unfamiliar faces and had the privilige to be involved in Tyrion’s whinging about where whores go. Which makes me wonder, where do whore go? ok I’ll stop.

I got rather excited when Tyrion encountered Jorah Mormont, despite their hate hate relationship they did look out for eachother throughout the book.  I’m interested to see how Tyrion will convince the Second Sons to join Daenerys  but I believe he is capable.



Although she made scarce appearences I highly enjoyed the Arya chapters. The previous book had me worried about her sight but thankfully she got it back.

I would’ve liked more background information on the House of Black and White as their practices confuse me, anyone care to enlighten me in the comments? thanks.  I’m curious to see as to where Arya’s storyline will progress, I mean will she ever go back to Westeros or meet someone from there?


GRRM’s passion for great detail never fails to amaze me. It paints this three dimensional picture in your head. However, I feel like this book did not progress as much but was rather setting up events for the following books.  I’m assuming the next couple books will be loaded and hopefully they aren’t as mediocre as this one.

PS: I am by no means done discussing ADWD, there is still much and more ( a certain Targaryen for example), which is why there shall be part two so as to prevent this post from getting too long.

PPS: If you did make it this far and read all that then thank you 🙂






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A Feast for Crows- Review

Author: George R.R.Martin

Series: A song of Ice and Fire #4
Pages: 1000 something
Genre: Fantasy
Instead of providing me with answers this book left me with even more questions. I read it about a month ago so it’s not fresh in my mind so I’m sorry if I get the details wrong but yea. The easiest way to do this is by talking about the characters.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Cersei’s chapters were the most anticipated ones in this book. Her power hungry nature developing her into this paranoid person reminded me of Mad Aerys. It made me realize that she would do anything to remain queen (cough sleep with everyone cough). Learning about her past with Maggi the Frog and the prophecy was really interesting, it explains why she has always hated Tyrion. I have some theories on that prophecy but we’ll leave that for another post.
The whole conspiring Cersei did against Margery I feel like was portrayed in a very distant way, like most of the time readers weren’t present during the time that Margery was “caught in the act” and taken to the Sept, it just made it so boring to be honest although it was a great scheme by Cersei. It was funny how towards the end her whole plan backfired and she herself ended up captivated, makes me curious as to how her story will play out.
The Martells
I absolutely loved Dorne, however the Martells are another case. I mean Arianne Martell seems like a great character, I would have loved to see more chapters from her but the incident with Myrcella getting Injured towards the end of the book was AGAIN not in first person so for one entire chapter I was confused out of my mind as to what exactly happened argh!
In saying that I liked the theory of making Myrcella queen but that seems a bit impossible now.
Ok so I was really excited for Sam to go to Oldtown and become a maester WITHOUT Maester Aemon dying but he was an old man so what can you do. But when I found out about Jon switching the babies and the real reason Gilly was crying the whole time on the boat I hated Jon! Sam should have just returned to the Wall and beat some sense into Jon right then.
Now that Sam knows about Daenerys though I am interested to see where his storyline will lead and will he ever encounter Daenerys? I don’t know, I feel like all the main characters will at some point.
There are never enough Arya chapters and this book had next to nothing but I loved how Arya killed that stupid singer but her going blind created a bit of a cliffhanger and I’m a bit worried.
The Greyjoys
It was interesting seeing the Ironborn carry out the king trials (forgot the exact name sorry), they are an odd bunch aren’t they? I’m gonna be honest here and say I was rooting for Asha the whole time but ah well the Crow’s Eye wins. The story left with them advancing King’s Landing and I just don’t have an opinion on that yet.

Those were all the characters that interested me in A Feast For Crows. Brienne’s chapters were just so boring and I’m just not interested in her anymore for some reason. Also, let’s hope Loras Tyrell doesn’t die at Dragonstone because I do like him.
A Feast for Crows was definitely much slower paced than Storm of Swords, it involved less action and more political and family drama and I don’t mind drama so I liked it.
I’m excited to read A Dance with Dragons with all my favourite characters Daenerys, Tyrion and Jon, this book better have some answers.


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I meant to post this like last week but got carried away with this Read-a-Thon that is going on but here it is!




Joffrey dies

And Robb and Catelyn and Tywin Lannister and probably 1/3 of Kings Landing for all I know!

George R R Martin, this is so cruel! Although I did enjoy Joffrey and Tywin dying, the Red Wedding is the stuff of my nightmares!

And Catelyn’s resurrection. Holy Guacamole

Anyways, moving on, let us discuss some of my favourite characters/relationships


First of all. Jaime and Brienne!  Jaime’s character development was by far my favourite! It was so interesting to see things from his point of view and find out what really happened when he killed the Mad King. How he hated Brienne at the start but came to be good friends with her towards the end was oh so amazing! Also, let’s just say Cersei was a bitch to him and good on him for standing up to Tywin Lannister and also trying to protect his brother. However, it wasn’t very nice of him to hide the thing about Tysha from Tyrion for so long.



I particularly loved all of Jon’s POV’s in this book, he is Lord Commander now and it would be interesting to see how it continues in the next book. Ygritte (I pronounced her name incorrectly the ENTIRE book) was certainly a major character in the sense that she made Jon develop, and I was so heartbroken when she died (sob).

Arya and The Hound


It was pretty cool to see a different side to the hound, he isn’t as cruel as some believe him to be and his compassionate side was exposed a little in this book. Arya on the other hand, there was a dark side to her in this book, the ease with which she killed scared me. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens to her since she is sailing to Braavos now.



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A Storm of Swords review- NON SPOILER

By: George. R.R.Martin200px-AStormOfSwords

Series: A song of ice and fire #3

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 1177

Summary: Of the five contenders for power, one is dead, another in disfavor, and still the wars rage as alliances are made and broken. Joffrey sits on the Iron Throne, the uneasy ruler of of the Seven Kingdoms. His most bitter rival, Lord Stannis, stands defeated and disgraced, victim of the sorceress who holds him in her thrall. Young Robb still rules the North from the fortress of Riverrun. Meanwhile, making her way across a blood-drenched continent is the exiled queen, Daenerys, mistress of the only three dragons still left in the world. And as opposing forces maneuver for the final showdown, an army of barbaric wildlings arrives from the outermost limits of civilization, accompanied by a horde of mythical Others—a supernatural army of the living dead whose animated corpses are unstoppable. As the future of the land hangs in the balance, no one will rest until the Seven Kingdoms have exploded in a veritable storm of swords

Here we are again. Another day gone, another Game of Thrones book read. Firstly, I know it seems like a hunk of a book but believe me it was totally worth it. Martin is an evil evil genius He creates structured worlds and conflicts with just that added politics that makes this book a masterpiece. Each character is unique, with their pasts and emotions oh and the backstabbing and plotting of course.

A Storm Of Sowrds (ASOS) continued at a steady pace containing chapters from different point of views. Characters new and old alike developed in a fantastic manner which has changed the whole course of the story.

Unlike the prequel this book contained more scheming and politics as opposed to mainstream battle which was a nice change of scenery. The world it seems was expanded further in ASOS, the book takes you way north of the Wall which is a special world in itself and it also takes you to new cities across the narrow sea with Daenerys. There was great suspense present; George just loved dropping bombshells on us in this book didn’t he.  However, one problem: over describing. It seems like things were described too much and it was boring and time consuming.

This concludes the non-spoiler review of A storm of swords as there is no way I can talk about this book without spoiling it. There will be a separate review with spoilers.





Clash of Kings and Characterization

The character development was brilliantly done in a Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin. Below are some of my favourite character developments throughout the book.

I also did a book review on A Clash Of Kings discussing my general thoughts about the book.



I love seeing strong females in books and I believe the development of Arya, how she grows into this strong and almost cunning person who takes charge of the situation was beautiful.  She was always strong from the start but this book saw the brave and dangerous side of Arya. She was forced to grow up too quick because of the situation, the Arya in the previous would never have been able to kill someone, practicing with a sword and using it to protect you are two very different things. I loved how she’s always determined and hope to see more of her in the next book.




Tyrion Lannister still remains my favourite character despite his condition at the end of the novel. It was very exciting to see Tyrion overtaking the rest of the characters with his plotting and mind games especially Cersei. However, I do see Tyrion as being on the “bad” side of the war (the Starks being the “good” side). Looking into the mind of Tyrion always left me eager to read more of his POV’s. I was able to sympathize with him to a higher extent in this book.



As much as Cersei annoys me with her evil deeds this book did make me understand her situation better.  There is one instance in the book where she says something like “were I not a woman I would have no need of all you men” meaning she usually has to get men to get her opinion through because females aren’t very important in their society. I started sympathizing with her and she is a strong female. As mentioned before I love strong female characters



download (2)

Theon didn’t develop for the good but rather the bad. Returning home after 10 years and finding things so changed and then making all those bad decisions oh he almost seems like a real person. There were times when I felt sorry for him and other I thought he was such a fool! I wonder if he is dead or alive because clash of Kings left me hanging (sorry if I spoiled it for you).


Thank you for reading! 🙂