Reaction | Game of Thrones Season Finale

Welcome to the episode where literally everybody dies!

But seriously, what a finale. Beware, there are some MAJOR SPOILERS in this post so read ahead at your own risk.

I’m gonna be listing my Top 10 WTF moments so here goes

10] The End of Stannis

The episode started at a pretty low point, what with Stannis’ wife committing suicide. Poor Stannis, literally everyone deserted him and then he got outnumbered but wait

Of course Brienne had to come in! She gave him a pretty honourable death but I can’t help thinking, is this it for Stannis? I mean he sure didn’t go out with a bang

9] The Mountain is back!


When he strode in and carried Cersei I was like woah, some serious Frankenstein shiz going on here

8] Bad Timing

I love how just as Sansa decides to light a candle in the highest tower, Brienne just abandons post to go kill Stannis. I mean. Bad timing. Why! but we find out why because…

7] Theon

So finally. Finally Theon decided it was high time he help Sansa. When he pushed Myranda over I was like

But then he decided to be all knight-in-shining-armour and jumped off the building with Sansa. I mean were they hoping the snow would cushion their fall or something? For the show’s sake I hope they’re alive

6] Daenerys

I’ve read the books so I knew where Dany’s story line was heading. The obvious ambush from the Dothraki. But where was Drogon when like 50 000 horses were circling Dany?

I actually predicted what might happen with Dany and the Dothraki in my predictions post here

5} House of Black and White

The whole Jaqan H’ghar death thing was TOO CLOSE.

But then it gets weirder with Faceless vooodoo magic

And to top things off Arya goes blind. I know it happens in the books as well but it was still freaky

4] Kiss of Death

As soon as Ellaria kissed Myrcella I was like

I KNEW IT. Myrcella and Jaime are having this father-daughter moment and BAM. The poison starts working. This is officially war.

3] Gore overload

Having watched Game of Thrones for quite a while now, I like to think I’ve acquired a certain tolerance to gore but this episode just threw that out the window. Remember this?

This seems almost gentle compared to what Arya did to Meryn Trant. Oh Lord, I felt physically sick and the thought that she’s just a little girl makes me even sicker. But well done to the makeup artists, you achieved your goal!

2] Walk of Shame

It’s good that they kept this scene till the very end because now I have a year to recover until I see Cersei again. Whoever directed this episode did a very very good job of emphasising just how humiliating this whole thing was. I mean my God, they call this mercy?


I’m still emotional over this. So emotional that I can’t even write it. I can’t okay. just

Jon Snow

Is Dead

My soulmate oh! And yeah I know he’s not really dead because I believe Melisande will do some Fire God magic and he’ll wake up and be a Targaryen maybe.

But just the way it was done. He protected those people! He thought the best of them especially freaking Oli and they stabbed him right in the gut? disgusting

I’m still a bit overwhelmed over the whole episode. It was a very emotionally provoking finale, unlike anything Game of Thrones has done before.

This might just be the last time I’m posting a Game of Thrones reaction post for a while so I just wanna say, these were fun to do. And I managed to react to all the episode for the season. I hope you enjoyed them too!



Reaction | The Dance of Dragons

So my friend spoiled the episode for me since I had no time to watch it before today…….

But yeah let’s be all original and talk about the most talked about events of the episode!


It came a bit out of nowhere and I’m sure many people including myself were like WTF WHY.

I was just all emotional during that scene like STANNIS HOW COULD YOU

But if I think about it, we know how crazy Stannis is about Melisande. Add that to the fact that he’s in a desperate situation after Ramsay’s ambush which left him with no food. Plus the show producers probably wanted to kill her character off since her story line wasn’t leading anywhere anyway. I guess it’s justified if you think of it that way but it’s still a bit extreme.

And Game of Thrones is all about being extreme!


Okay so let’s address the elephant in the room or rather..the Dragon in the room (see what I did there? no? okay)

I was literally screaming at my screen when Ser Jorah was fighting them Mereeneese people. I just don’t want him to die okay?

This meme perfectly sums me up during that time…

Those were intense times. And then there’s an ambush from the Sons of the Harpy!

Doing an ambush was way more dramatic and interesting. Remember how in the books they used poisoned Locusts?. Nah.

And then when all hope is lost and I know he’ll save Daenerys but I’m still sitting there holding my breath and in comes Drogon!

It was totally badass when Drogon just burned the Sons of the Harpy down and then I love it when he’s just like

“Hi Mommy”

And then of course my favourite moment happened. The one I’ve been waiting for all season long. DAENERYS FLEW ON TOP OF DROGON

And I was just sitting here feeling all elated like

Apart from all that exciting stuff I like how the Arya and Meryn Trant storyline is developing along and Dorne was pretty interesting as well in this episode except I zoned out oops.

That was my very reactive reaction for this week’s episode. I know I’m late to the game again but EXAMS.

What did you think?



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Reaction | The Gift

I’m reviewing last week’s episode of Game of Throne because I just did not have time and I couldn’t miss out on a reaction post because then it wouldn’t be consistent.

I’m going to be keep this short and sweet because you’ve probably read 800 posts about this episode already

  • Sansa’s character keeps getting stronger and stronger given her circumstances.  But freakin’ Reek ruins it all by spilling everything to Ramsay!

  • I was a little confused over Maester Aemon’s sudden death. Book readers would know he dies on the way to Oldtown so I don’t understand the motive behind this change. Was it just to get rid of his character?


  • So you know when those Night’s Watch Rangers try to rape Gilly and then Sam’s trying to be all brave but then he’s failing. And then Ghost strolls in and I’m just sitting here like..

  • The conversation between Olenna Tyrell and The High Sparrow was very interesting. I mean when they’re talking about power it just reminds me of our world ye know.


  • How can we not praise Bronn’s singing in this episode. But as predicted the Sandsnake’s dagger was poisoned but I’m surprised she actually gave him the antidote


  • So we’re finally beginning to see Cersei’s demise and I believe Littlefinger had a part to play in the whole Lancel ratting out Cersei. It would be very Littlefinger of him to do that.


  • Yes of course I cannot do a reaction post without mentioning the most important scene in the episode. Tyrion and Dany

Two of the show’s biggest players have finally met and I cannot wait to see how all this goes down. Oh yes

That was my reaction to last week’s episode. Excuse the tardiness, school is literally leeching me right now..



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May Breakdown


Anyone else wondering how we’re halfway through the year already? same.

May has been a crazy month of school and more school. But I feel like I also started posting more consistently on the blog.


What I read

The book titles will link to my reviews of the book. Head over only if you want to

Little Women by Louisa-May Alcott 

A magical classic that made me feel like I was reading such a homely tale

Half Wild by Sally Green 

Not as amazing as I expected but it had some swoon-worthy unexpected romance

The Heir by Kiera Cass

Again a pretty mediocre read but it made me feel like a princess

What I watched

I’ve had no time whatsoever to watch movies but I will always find time to watch Game of Thrones.

Season Five is in full swing and I’ve been reviewing every single episode. If you wanna start from the start here you go.

I’ve also been obsessed with The March Family Letters, the Youtube adaptation of Little Women. It’s so entertaining I promise. Go watch it

New on the blog

This month I launched a new feature on the blog!

Introducing Cover To Cover

Where I take a book and analyse all the different editions available in the market until I give a verdict on my favourite one.

There is currently a Cover To Cover post up here on Cinder by Marissa Meyer

That was my month of May. I could list all the ridiculous assignments I had to do but no one wants to hear about that. I hope you had a good month and here’s to an awesome sauce June!



Reaction | Unbound, Unbent, Unbroken | I Am Traumatised

Holy shit. Now we’re talking .

I usually write my Game of Thrones reaction posts straight after I finish watching the show just so you know I can capture the fresh emotions.

But today I had to take a moment, a moment that lasted an hour because hell we’re getting things started up in here.


– Arya’s acting in this episode was on point. I was so happy and spooked too to watch her starting to play the game of the Faceless Men

-Tyrion and Ser Jorah had some nice banter going, plus I feel like their relationship developed in this episode.

-Of course no one can ever escape Tyrion’s sharp wit even if you’re some random kidnapper. Who are they anyway? the Golden Company?

– I was skeptical as to why Littlefinger would abandon Sansa at Winterfell to come speak to Cersei as he doesn’t like her much. But of course he’s playing the game! turning the benefits towards himself as always. This is like prime Season Four Littlefinger I LOVE IT!

-Margaery ended up getting arrested

-That fight between the Sandsnakes and Jaime and Bronn was so thrilling!

-We finally meet Myrcella and Trystane. Aren’t they a cute bunch!

-Oh and can I just say, the scenery in this particular episode was fantastic


Just to clarify, not things that were done badly but just things that happened to some characters that I didn’t like. It’ll make sense I promise!

-Creepy faces in the House of Black and White like wow

-Jaime and Bronn were a bit careless thinking they could just stroll in and take Myrcella like really?

-Loras’ trial was like a court trial and while it was exciting to watch I just don’t want anything to happen to my pretty boy


If you’ve watched the show you know what I’m about to talk about…

We all knew there was going to be an uncomfortable scene regarding Sansa in this season. Everyone assumed it would be the bath scene. I think the bath scene was great! I mean Sansa showing Miranda her place, hell yes.

Sansa looked really pretty in her wedding dress and the wedding was SO tense, I just wanted her to pull a knife and stab Ramsay right there.

But she didn’t and it happened

And that’s been my face all evening. I mean WHY. SHE’S GOING TO BE SO BROKEN NOW. HOW MUCH CAN A PERSON HANDLE REALLY

Sorry I went off there but I think the whole internet’s going to be talking about this.




Reaction | Kill The Boy | SO DISAPPOINTED


Alright not much to say about this week’s episode.

I mean it’s the halfway point of the season so things should really start exploding in the coming other half hopefully.

I guess this episode was more focused on the minor characters (by which I mean characters I’m not interested in) and yeah everyone deserves their own screen time or whatever but I just want the fun to start! I remember obsessing over one Game of Thrones episode for MONTHS.


Here are a few pointers from tonight’s episode:

Beware of spoilers 

  • Barristan Selmy Death

Okay I didn’t expect them to kill him off so early but I guess it acted as a catalyst for what Dany’s about to do next. When Dany burns the Pyramid Masters, it just reminds me of the Mad King, slightly disturbing.

But hey Greyworm and alive and him and Missendei aw!

  • Jon going to the Widling gives me a bad feeling, but who am I kidding, I’ve read the books and it ain’t a joy ride.


  • The whole deal with Theon and Sansa was so CRINGE


  • The end of the episode was somewhat exciting with the whole Walking Dead stuff going down. And for the record, I predicted that Jorah Mormont would get Greyscale because they’re overlapping storylines from the books hah!

I felt like, in this episode there was a lot of build up of tension and then nothing happened. I think it was for the first time in history that I was bored of watching a Game of Thrones episode…





Reaction | The Sons of the Harpy | The Deaths Begin….


Words fail to describe my reaction to this week’s episode so queue the gifs…

But first I have some realizations/predictions as you do

So Jaime’s heading to Dorne right and it was very clever of the show makers to get Bronn to cross examine the exact reason Jaime’s heading there which got me thinking…

What if he wants to win Cersei back?

I mean she has been acting all moody towards him and when asked what his ideal death would be Jaime replied:

In the arms of the woman I love.

That was so sad and sweet. So yeah, do you think that’s his potential reason for going to dawn?

Margaery’s father and Meryn Trant are heading to Braavos

Guess who else is in Braavos who would really love to kill Meryn Trant?

That’s right. Arya Stark

I love how finally plot lines are beginning to overlap!

In relation to the High Sparrow and the Faith Militant I’m very impressed how closely the show is following the books, well as close as it can get I guess.


I mean it does simplify things. But are they gonna arrest Margaery like in the books or…? But then again Margaery’s grandma is supposedly heading to King’s Landing so maybe she’ll be all shrewd again and get Cersei arrested like in the books because come on, we need that Walk of Shame.

But poor Tommen stuck in between all this politics like…

As always Melisande came back to her roots and tried to seduce Jon which was extremely disturbing but Jon is a man of honour and just the mention of Ygritte

Equally as disturbing was Sansa and Littlefinger’s kiss despite it being like the third time! but I was surprised Littlefinger discussed the Tourney of Harrenhal. The show makers don’t just put in stuff like that in there for a bit of history lesson do they? (cough R+L=J cough)

We finally met the Sandsnakes and oh boy

And now comes the most grim part of the episode

The Unsullied ambush and Greyworm and Barristan Selmy and oh my freaking God I need therapy.

I mean are they actually dead or just injured? I NEED CONFIRMATION!

That was my very reactive reaction to this week’s episode. I mean it’s only going to get more explosive from here so expect even more reactive posts in the future!



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April Breakdown


While people were celebrating Easter and commemorating 100 Years of Gallipoli I was sitting in my bedroom and doing the following during the month of April

Books I Read

April was not a good reading month but only because I was occupied by other things which will be later mentioned in this post. Oh and just click on the book title to read my review of it…only if you want to.

We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach 


Post-apocalyptic, music centered and philosophical you have got to give this one a chance.

Afterworlds by Scott Westerfield 

Unlike anything I have ever read before. One word. Bookception

Little Women by Louis May Alcott

I just finished it today so there isn’t a review up yet but all I’m gonna is Oh My.

Exciting unrelated to books news!

So this was a bit impulsive and unexpected but you know me I love impulsive so my best friend and I launched a Youtube Channel. It’s just a place for us to get crazy and learn cool video making stuff

But if you wanna watch us be weird you’re more than welcome to!

Things I watched

Okay April was THE month for watching stuff, mostly because I had school holidays and therefore, more time.

Game of Thrones Season Five

No amount of exclamation marks can express my excitement! This was literally my face when the opening song started blaring

Oh and I’ve been reviewing every episode of course so to start from the start go here 

The Duff 

I watched this movie during the holidays and it was hilarious!

Hannibal Season One

I’m still stuck on Season One because Hannibal is like the show I watch when I have nothing else to watch. I like the whole psychological side of it I guess.

Best of Infinityreads

Film Review: Divergent (still haven’t watched Insurgent oops)

Top 10 of 2014 | Best Villains of 2014

Discussion | Losing Creative Freedom

That was my month of April in a nutshell.

April and May are just meh months in my opinion, the fun doesn’t start till July (it’s my birthday wink wink)






Reaction + Predictions | High Sparrow (spoilers)

Previous Episode 

Another week, Another Game of Thrones reaction post.

I don’t personally like narrating the whole episode and I’m sure you (if you’ve watched the episode) don’t like reading the episode either so I’ve chucked in a few predictions to spice things up and I hope you enjoy!

This episode was the one where things are actually beginning to happen, wedding and executions and naked people, it doesn’t get more Game of Thrones than that.

Prediction #1: Margaery and Cersei

First up, Margaery and Tommen are married already, that escalated quickly. they both do seem to have quite likable banter and I’m enjoying how the show is giving Tommen more exposure in comparison to the books.

But obviously Margaery is already digging her claws into Tommen and Cersei is being mamma bear, oh the game is ON between those two.

In the books Cersei accuses Margaery of adultery so she gets arrested by the High Sparrow but the way the show is integrating Tommen between these two women I predict there will come a situation where he’ll be asked to choose between the two and it will be heartbreaking if this actually happens and if he actually sends his mother to prison essentially.

Prediction #2  Sansa

It’s actually happening. I’d heard rumours and such but Sansa and Ramsay ahh.

But I have a strong feeling that Sansa is out for vengeance and she will take back the North. She will.

I’m predicting murdering Ramsay in his sleep (is that too harsh?)

And Brienne’s heading to Winterfell with Podrick too and Theon is there so Sansa has her own little posse to win Winterfell back!

Random thoughts

  • Even though I’ve read the books, it was still very interesting hearing Brienne and Podrick share their backstory a bit. I feel like GoT hasn’t done that a lot.
  • Jon is taking his Lord Commander role well. My God he’s such a good ruler!
  • The House of Black and White still remains a bit vague but you can’t expect them to spew all the details at once I suppose.
  • Cersei buttering up the High Sparrow tho. She’s just digging her own grave isn’t she.

On that happy note, that was what was going through my weird brain during this week’s episode. Be sure to tune back in same time next week for another peep into my crazy thoughts circulating GoT!

What’s your take on Ep.3?


 Next Episode


Reaction | The House of Black and White | Top 5 WTF

Previous Episode 

A new dawn brings about a new episode of Game of Thrones Season Five. Read on to find out what had me screaming at my screen this episode.

The House of Black and White

As per the title of the episode I may as well begin with The House of Black and White

There’s a lot of disappointment circulating around the introduction to the House but people need to understand that the House of B&W is built upon tests and proving yourself. Obviously Arya can’t just turn up to a Black and White door and be let in, I know it’s GoT but that’s still a bit too smooth.

But Jaqan H’ghar! I am very happy to see his face (excuse the pun). I like how the show is using familiar faces to introduce viewers to new concepts. And I do believe The House of Black and White will be explained in greater detail maybe in the next episode?


Oh a Palace more beautiful was never seen before!

Prince Doran is fantastically cast and I like how his character, his morals are already showing through, non-book readers can already see what kind of person he is.

I do believe Arianne Martell will be replaced by Ellaria Sand which simplifies things a little I guess.

Already predicted that Jaime was going to Dorne because of a leaked script (I can see your judgey face), But I never could’ve guessed Bronn would be the accomplice!

Jaime trying to convince Bronn was so smooth as expected

Lord Commander Elections

Yay for doing things democratically! I just realized the Night’s Watch is the closest thing to a Democracy in Westeros, hm need to fix that I guess.

Anyways, I believe the anticipation was very well done. I was literally screaming at Sam to open his mouth and oh what a great speech he gave

“He’s the commander we turned to when the night was darkest”

Let’s just take a moment..

Can someone turn that into a fancy Tumblr thing ?

Dany in turmoil

It was going smooth, they discovered  a Son of the Harpy and then everything went downhill.

Dany, you don’t execute a slave in front of a bunch of slaves especially when they’re screaming at you to not do it.

But hey, I’ve read the books and I know what’s coming so I shouldn’t expect everything to go peacefully in Meereen.

But Dragons!

I was so happy to see Drogon but for a second I thought he was going to blast Dany’s face..can’t trust those things

Miscellaneous Musings

I have some scattered thoughts that can’t really be categorized. Call this the rapid fire round if you will

Sansa decides not to take Brienne’s offered protection, I guess it’s her new independence showing and it then also directs us towards said uncomfortable scene in the next few episodes.

Tyrion whinging to Varys on the way to Volantis is very much like him whinging to Ilyrio in the books, I’m glad they’re following the book that way.

Last but not least how cute are Gilly and Stannis’ daughter? I just hope the stupid mother stays out of it.

Quote of the Episode:

“That smirking whore from Highgarden”

– Cersei expressing her love for Margaery Tyrell

Those were my thoughts on this week’s episode! I’ll see you next week with another one!

What did you think of Ep.2?


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