5 Places I Want To Travel To in 2018

Anyone acquainted with the joys of exploring a new place knows how tempting it is to start planning your next travel adventure already

This year while I do want to travel overseas, I want the emphasis to be on exploring Australia more. Because sometimes the greatest beauty lies in your own back yard!


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From coastal weather to lush greenery Tasmania seems like a dream gateway. While the scenery does promise to be breathtaking I’m most excited for the freshest seafood and that small town secluded feeling


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From beachy resorts to adrenaline filled ziplining Queensland has all the wonder of the tropics. But I’m most keen to explore the spots that get overlooked like Townsville. Where you’re able to explore the Great Barrier Reef without bumping into too many tourists or explore the local heritage


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Out of the blue Asia has become a hot travel destination and I wanna jump on that bandwagon. While the food and the basking city life does seem exciting, I want to use Malaysia as a gateway to increase my knowledge on Islamic architecture and history

Pacific Islands

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I’m grouping New Caledonia, Vanuatu and the Solomon islands here to create the perfect magical gateway! I feel like the beauty of these isolated islands is that they’re mostly untouched by capitalism and it gives you a real chance to interact with the locals

New Zealand

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This has been on my bucket list for so long! so close yet so far from Australia New Zealand promises some of the most iconic scenes. It seems like a Nat Geo photographer’s dream and there’s so much this tiny country has to offer


Vlog One | Park Adventures

So recently Sim and I took a trip to this certain park.

I’d seen this bunch of greenery through the bus window and always found it fascinating especially with it’s pond and little bridges, it seemed like the perfect picnic spot.

Being Autumn and school holidays we just had to go explore

Digital Camera
I’m not the only one getting fairy tale feels right?




This appears on my instagram (infinityreads03)


We vlogged the whole experience. Besides the park we got up to some other shenanigans which you can watch for yourself

Alright I’ll admit the quality isn’t the best as we had a new camera we were testing out and it was our first time vlogging hence the shakiness. But it’s only going to get better from here so I’d love your support and feedback.

Have a nice weekend!