Cover to Cover

Cover to Cover | The Night Circus

I’ve recently been in the process of reading this novel and it is quite possibly the coolest, most magical novel I have ever read.

The English Edition


This cover is absolutely stunning. The artistic grace and the attention to the detail is phenomenal! I love the whole abstract look it has going as well. Safe to the say the colour scheme while beautiful and simplistic holds symbollic value as well

The Other English Edition


This is the cover I own and I am not complaining. Again, very simplistic and abstract and artistic. It has a certain air of mystery to it too

The Spanish Edition


I think this cover is cute. While it might not technically go with the themes of the novel, it animatedly illustrates what the Night Circus is all about.

The Dutch Edition


Excuse the pixels. This cover again caputres the air of mystery that this book has perfectly. I like how this time a midnight blue has been used instead of black.

The Indonesian Cover


This cover reminds me a bit of Aladdin because of the clouds I believe. I actually quite like the red and gold colour scheme.

Which one is your favourite?