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Book Review | Wuthering Heights

Title: Wuthering Heights

Author: Emily Bronte

Genre: Classics

Synopsis 348914Published a year before her death at the age of thirty, Emily Brontë’s only novel is  set in the wild, bleak Yorkshire Moors. Depicting the relationship of Cathy and Heathcliff, Wuthering Heights creates a world of its own, conceived with an instinct for poetry and for the dark depths of human psychology.


Not gonna lie, it took me a while to finish this book, partly because of the book it is and partly because of the workload I’m under.

I have always appreciated the talent the Bronte sisters possess and Emily was no exception. Wuthering Heights is written in this purely colloquial manner that is unique to its writer. Some passages just left me swimming in a sea of beautifully written poetry oh my.

Bronte also presents a very compelling tale spanning generations. It’s intriguing to see characters develop not just in age but also how their principles change. It’s interesting to see how one person’s choices can affect the lives of generations to come. The novel is basically characters being miserable, family feuds, and a unique landscape.

What I found lacking was justification. I mean Heathcliff is presented as this purely evil human being who has feelings for no one but Cathy, yet I find it difficult to grasp that he is a just pure evil without some sort of adversary having caused this everlasting bitterness inside him. The novel would also become dull at some points due to not much happening in the characters’ lives etc. However, for the most part it was quite an adventurous read.