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Photo Diary | Eiffel Tower Climb 

It was the most windy and cold morning but this was the moment my entire life had been leading up to. Climbing the Tower    
Necessary under the tower selfies of course 

We luckily caught the sunrise 

The guy who built the tower 

Paris from above 

We also visited the Arc De Triomphe and champs Élysées where I bought the best macaroons 

Home of the Illuminati. The Louvre 

She’s not that magnificent in real life trust me I don’t get why it’s such a big deal 

Venus de Milo 

For Dan Brown readers. It’s the Holy Grail guys!

Love lock bridge where nothing lasts forever 

This very tumblr photo of the Parisian metro map that I took in my hotel room. 

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Photo Diary | Paris 

Here comes the part my whole life led up to. Paris. I’ve dreamed of that city ever since I was seven and I barely even knew what bonjour meant 

Fun fact: The Eiffel Tower is actually so HUGE. The photos do not do justice 
Casual selfies under the tower 


Cleopatra’s needle  

We also went to Versailles. For those who don’t know this was basically the summer lodge of the King during the monarchy   

The chateau is absolutely magnificent. It reeks of royalty   

The Hall of Mirrors was so so beautiful oh!  

These were the King and Queen’s bedroom   

We didn’t get to spend much time in the gardens but they were vast and gorgeous   

We took a boat ride around Paris in as you can see glorious weather   


See you in the next post!