Reaction | The Door

Bit late I know but no one ever did blogging and Year 12 and got out alive hah

This episode should’ve been titled “The Feels”

Let’s just take a moment to pay homage to the most beautiful character in the entire series…

hodor tv game of thrones hbo

This was by far the saddest and most heartbreaking death since Hodor is as pure as you get in Westeros really.

It’s mind boggling to think that GRRM had Hodor’s whole life planned out like his life purpose was to HOLD THE DOOR

But alas, all good things must come to an end.

Hopefully Bran and Meera make it out alive from that wasteland and find friendly faces.

The fact that The Children of the Forest created the White Walkers just seems like Karma to me to be honest, but the damage is done I guess.

It’s gonna be really interesting to see Sansa build an army to take back the North, cue motivational speeches and of course awkward high school romances..

The part with Dany and Ser Jorah was super sad as well, I couldn’t help noticing what a good actress Emilia is!

The situation with Arya has me thoughtful, I mean she will come back to Westeros but HOW and WHEN?

I love how for basically the entire season we have ignored Dorne like what is going on there?



Reaction | Game of Thrones Season Finale

Welcome to the episode where literally everybody dies!

But seriously, what a finale. Beware, there are some MAJOR SPOILERS in this post so read ahead at your own risk.

I’m gonna be listing my Top 10 WTF moments so here goes

10] The End of Stannis

The episode started at a pretty low point, what with Stannis’ wife committing suicide. Poor Stannis, literally everyone deserted him and then he got outnumbered but wait

Of course Brienne had to come in! She gave him a pretty honourable death but I can’t help thinking, is this it for Stannis? I mean he sure didn’t go out with a bang

9] The Mountain is back!


When he strode in and carried Cersei I was like woah, some serious Frankenstein shiz going on here

8] Bad Timing

I love how just as Sansa decides to light a candle in the highest tower, Brienne just abandons post to go kill Stannis. I mean. Bad timing. Why! but we find out why because…

7] Theon

So finally. Finally Theon decided it was high time he help Sansa. When he pushed Myranda over I was like

But then he decided to be all knight-in-shining-armour and jumped off the building with Sansa. I mean were they hoping the snow would cushion their fall or something? For the show’s sake I hope they’re alive

6] Daenerys

I’ve read the books so I knew where Dany’s story line was heading. The obvious ambush from the Dothraki. But where was Drogon when like 50 000 horses were circling Dany?

I actually predicted what might happen with Dany and the Dothraki in my predictions post here

5} House of Black and White

The whole Jaqan H’ghar death thing was TOO CLOSE.

But then it gets weirder with Faceless vooodoo magic

And to top things off Arya goes blind. I know it happens in the books as well but it was still freaky

4] Kiss of Death

As soon as Ellaria kissed Myrcella I was like

I KNEW IT. Myrcella and Jaime are having this father-daughter moment and BAM. The poison starts working. This is officially war.

3] Gore overload

Having watched Game of Thrones for quite a while now, I like to think I’ve acquired a certain tolerance to gore but this episode just threw that out the window. Remember this?

This seems almost gentle compared to what Arya did to Meryn Trant. Oh Lord, I felt physically sick and the thought that she’s just a little girl makes me even sicker. But well done to the makeup artists, you achieved your goal!

2] Walk of Shame

It’s good that they kept this scene till the very end because now I have a year to recover until I see Cersei again. Whoever directed this episode did a very very good job of emphasising just how humiliating this whole thing was. I mean my God, they call this mercy?


I’m still emotional over this. So emotional that I can’t even write it. I can’t okay. just

Jon Snow

Is Dead

My soulmate oh! And yeah I know he’s not really dead because I believe Melisande will do some Fire God magic and he’ll wake up and be a Targaryen maybe.

But just the way it was done. He protected those people! He thought the best of them especially freaking Oli and they stabbed him right in the gut? disgusting

I’m still a bit overwhelmed over the whole episode. It was a very emotionally provoking finale, unlike anything Game of Thrones has done before.

This might just be the last time I’m posting a Game of Thrones reaction post for a while so I just wanna say, these were fun to do. And I managed to react to all the episode for the season. I hope you enjoyed them too!



Reaction | The Sons of the Harpy | The Deaths Begin….


Words fail to describe my reaction to this week’s episode so queue the gifs…

But first I have some realizations/predictions as you do

So Jaime’s heading to Dorne right and it was very clever of the show makers to get Bronn to cross examine the exact reason Jaime’s heading there which got me thinking…

What if he wants to win Cersei back?

I mean she has been acting all moody towards him and when asked what his ideal death would be Jaime replied:

In the arms of the woman I love.

That was so sad and sweet. So yeah, do you think that’s his potential reason for going to dawn?

Margaery’s father and Meryn Trant are heading to Braavos

Guess who else is in Braavos who would really love to kill Meryn Trant?

That’s right. Arya Stark

I love how finally plot lines are beginning to overlap!

In relation to the High Sparrow and the Faith Militant I’m very impressed how closely the show is following the books, well as close as it can get I guess.


I mean it does simplify things. But are they gonna arrest Margaery like in the books or…? But then again Margaery’s grandma is supposedly heading to King’s Landing so maybe she’ll be all shrewd again and get Cersei arrested like in the books because come on, we need that Walk of Shame.

But poor Tommen stuck in between all this politics like…

As always Melisande came back to her roots and tried to seduce Jon which was extremely disturbing but Jon is a man of honour and just the mention of Ygritte

Equally as disturbing was Sansa and Littlefinger’s kiss despite it being like the third time! but I was surprised Littlefinger discussed the Tourney of Harrenhal. The show makers don’t just put in stuff like that in there for a bit of history lesson do they? (cough R+L=J cough)

We finally met the Sandsnakes and oh boy

And now comes the most grim part of the episode

The Unsullied ambush and Greyworm and Barristan Selmy and oh my freaking God I need therapy.

I mean are they actually dead or just injured? I NEED CONFIRMATION!

That was my very reactive reaction to this week’s episode. I mean it’s only going to get more explosive from here so expect even more reactive posts in the future!