Reaction | Book of The Stranger

So after last week’s smashing Oathbreaker episode, this was to be honest a real let down.

I mean most of the time I was sitting there thinking “what is even happening?”

like a lot of plans were being put into place, a lot of theories being discussed but when it came to the action part of the show, it was lacking, and isn’t that the most fun?

why did no one die in this episode like come on we’re almost halfway there

But the things I did enjoy include:

Sansa meeting Jon!

I had a feeling timing would be a bitch and just as Jon left Castle Black, Sansa would arrive but nope. I really like how Sansa is evolving into this strong character and if all goes well, Jon and Sansa will take back Winterfell!

The Osha-Ramsay scene was pretty tense to be honest, I mean I didn’t expect Osha to be killed so brutally but what can you expect from Ramsay?

But I believe Ramsay will be killed by someone much more important. Ideally Sansa, Ideally at the end of this season.

Of course the end was highly enjoyable, I love how Dany just sticks it to everyone, all the time but I can’t help thinking, is it really that easy to kill a Khal and his most powerful men?