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Cover to Cover | Anne of Green Gables

So I got hooked to the mini series which you should totally check out and started reading the books which are so filled with the joys of girlhood. I am thoroughly enjoying the writing!

The Original Cover


Having green as the theme colour makes so much sense but the checkered pattern really captures the era it was set in. The illustration of Anne in her humble abode gives a nice homely film. Looking at this cover it’s the kind of book you wanna crack open on a Sunday morning

The special edition


This is the one I own and I absolutely love it! It takes me back to my childhood when I’d read those old school short stories. I absolutely love how it’s a painting. However, I’ve never been a big fan of illustrating the main character as it doesn’t leave much to the imagination

The Puffin Classics


Correct me if I’m wrong but Puffin have done a few classics in these types of covers where they’re hardcover collectiles and I love them! I love the font and the imagery and the colour scheme. It’s almost abstract in a sense

The Modern version


So turns out Puffin reprinted these in 2008 with a modern twist. Most classics come in this format but the illustration is what makes it stand out. I’m kind of drawn towards the sketch and it gives the book a peculiar feel

Another modern version


This is a bit different in that they’ve used a real model. It certainly does look very pretty with all the vibrant colours

which ones is your favourite?

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Cover to Cover | Turtles All The Way Down

Look what’s making a comeback in 2018! oh yeah cover to cover baby

This time I decided we’d check out some cool covers of this book that’s been going around the internet lately and you might wanna check out my review here as well

The English Edition


The classic cover that tends to grab your attention straight away because of that bright orange spiral but also because they wanna make sure John Green’s name stands out haha. It’s one of those simple but effective covers

The German Edition


This cover keeps true to the spiral theme but this time we have actual turtles! The blue pattern in the background is also pretty cool and gives it this abstract feel

The Portugese Edition


I love love love the shade of orange they’ve used on this cover. The cute drawing of the diner which holds significance in the novel is lovely too

The Swedish Edition


A lot going on in this cover but it seems like they’ve literally taken buzz words out of the novel and illustrated them to create a cover. Pretty cool tho

The Polish edition


This one is a little bit different to the rest. I actually really like the artwork, not sure how much it holds true to the novel but yeah nice


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Cover To Cover | Thirteen Reasons Why

The hype around the show made me notice the book and I thought hey why not go through some of the most beautiful editions this book has been turned into

The English Edition


I’m normally not a fan of having real people on the cover but I believe this is such a haunting and captivating cover. I love the dark colour scheme too

The Other English Edition


This one caught my eye because it has this distorted look to it. Not to mention the background seems downright creepy

The French Edition


I think this one is a little less intense than the other ones. But it still has this beautiful, soul-wrenching feel to it

The Slovakian edition


I absolutely love this colour. In terms of appealing to the audience I think this cover does a good job at that. It reminds me of Eleanor & Park in a way and just I love the graphics

The Swedish Edition


I thought this cover was a bit different from the rest. It seems more retro and old school. I love her dress and how it blends with the background too!

Which one is your favourite cover? Are you enjoying the show?

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Cover to Cover | The Night Circus

I’ve recently been in the process of reading this novel and it is quite possibly the coolest, most magical novel I have ever read.

The English Edition


This cover is absolutely stunning. The artistic grace and the attention to the detail is phenomenal! I love the whole abstract look it has going as well. Safe to the say the colour scheme while beautiful and simplistic holds symbollic value as well

The Other English Edition


This is the cover I own and I am not complaining. Again, very simplistic and abstract and artistic. It has a certain air of mystery to it too

The Spanish Edition


I think this cover is cute. While it might not technically go with the themes of the novel, it animatedly illustrates what the Night Circus is all about.

The Dutch Edition


Excuse the pixels. This cover again caputres the air of mystery that this book has perfectly. I like how this time a midnight blue has been used instead of black.

The Indonesian Cover


This cover reminds me a bit of Aladdin because of the clouds I believe. I actually quite like the red and gold colour scheme.

Which one is your favourite?

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Cover To Cover | Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them

Well if my review of the film was not clear enough, here I am again with another Fantastic Beasts related post to clarify just how much I love the enterprise.

The English Edition


While this cover does lean towards the more minimalistic style, I like it. I love how the red and gold give it a magical effect and the design adds a little hint that the book belongs to the wizarding world

The other English Edition


This looks much more like a manuscript cover but there is a sort of mystical air to it. The washed out colour obviously makes it seem more historic and the illustration reminds me of the some of the first ever Harry Potter covers.

The German Edition


Now this is classic Harry Potter style. They can’t go wrong with a cover like this. It’s cute, it’ll attract the children and the adults alike.

The Bulgarian Edition


This seems like an eccentric cover. Love the gold and purple colour scheme and the detailed design of the serpentine creature.

The French Edition


I absolutely love the blue in this cover. It’s so elegant and kind of old fashioned. The illustrations are so mystical and just AHH

Which one is your favourite?

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Cover to Cover | The Little Paris Bookshop 

Today I am going to do something I have never done before.

A cover to cover on a book I have not read and know very little about. The gist of the novel is that a bookseller sets off on an adventure in the south of France to find the love of his life. It sounds romantic and deep and it has France in it. Also the covers are gorgeous

The English Edition

This cover was the first thing that made me so keen and curious about this book. It’s so vintage and almost like from another time. I love it

The other English Edition

Now this cover seems to make a statement. I love how the blue just pops put of the colour scheme. It also has an old school feel to it. Almost like these novels I used to read in middle school. This cover would look great on a hardcover edition.

The German Edition

I love the subtlety of this cover. It reminds me of a wedding colour palette. Lavenders are of course amazing and the textures happening on the cover also appeal to moi.

The Croatian Edition

I love this cover! I love the magic happening around the words. I love how the picture of Paris looks like it came out of a movie. So vintage again ah.

The French edition

When you think about it there isn’t much happening on this cover. But I wanted to include it for the sake of it being French.

The Bulgarian edition

I really like this cover. Again. the storybook kind of feel and the colours are great.

Which one is your favourite?

Cover to Cover

Cover to Cover | Let it Snow 

Cover to cover is an ongoing feature where I show you different covers of the same book and you decide which one you like best. Happy Blogmas Day Eight!

The English Edition

I have always liked this cover. It has a certain simplicity to it and the snowflakes make it seem so festive!

The Portugese Edition

The festive feels are captured in this cover as well. It reminds me of The Polar Express and it’s so colourful!

The French Edition

This cover might come off as a bit plain but I like the minimalistic look. It’s very similar to the English one

The German Edition

I don’t particularly like the colour scheme of this cover. The illustrations are interesting but not feeling it

The Other English Edition

I love the snowflakes once again! In real life this cover has a gloss to it which I like!

Let me know in the comments which one is your favourite

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Cover To Cover | Allegiant by Veronica Roth

In honour of the film soon to be released in Australia, I believe it’s already out in the US?, let’s do a good ol cover to cover!

The UK Edition


I’m sure I’m not the only one that hates this cover. Not so much hate but the winged border around the ‘Allegiant’?, yeah it’s erking me. I mean the colour scheme is good and I like the feather but again the silhouette sets me off.

The US Edition


This is the cover I own and the graphics of that watery things always make me super excited! I love the burnt orange colour scheme as well and the city down the bottom adds a nice contrast

The Newer Edition


I’ve seen these around a lot especially in box sets. They have this abstract feel to them that I like. The flower is just beautiful and the metallic accents on the ‘Allegiant’ OH. But sometimes it feels like there’s too much black you know?

The French Edition


Upon first glance this seems like some intelligence files series or something. The cover is definitely much more on the abstract side and while I do like the flames part, the other colour doesn’t seem to sit well with me

The Serbian Edition


A very Sci-Fi feel to it, this one has. I like the colour scheme and it could almost pass as a graphic novel but just as a novel? hmm I don’t know.

The Verdict

It seems like an obvious choice for this cover to cover and I’m gonna have to go with my beloved US hardcover edition. Which one would you choose?


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Cover To Cover | Just One Day by Gayle Forman

Cover To Cover is basically an excuse for us to swoon over pretty covers while also deciding which one we would be most willing to buy

Today’s book, Just One Day by Gayle Forman, is one I haven’t gotten around to purchasing while the sequel sits on my bookshelf collecting dust. So hey! maybe this post might help me decide which cover I should invest into.

The English Edition


Upon initial viewing, I think this cover is beautiful. The silhouettes give it this abstract feel while the sunlight adds that little bit of magic. There’s also a kind of simplicity to the whole thing

The Other English Edition


I’m not usually a fan of having real people on covers however, I like the whole “out of focus” thing that’s going on in the cover, representing time I guess but it still wouldn’t be my favourite.

The Other Other English Edition


HOLY this one. Now I know this puzzle style of book covers has been going around a lot but just the colour scheme and the font and the fact that it is Paris. Oh my

The Indonesian Edition


See now this is a pretty cover as well. I’m likin’ the tea and Paris in the background again, The warm colours also make the whole thing radiate

The Portuguese Cover


I like how the background is kind of sketch format while the girl is obviously a real person. This gives me the impression that the book centres arounf wartime Paris or something, very contradictory to the bright undertones we’ve seen in the previous covers.

The Verdict

I think it’s pretty obvious but if I had to buy one right now (which I would totally do if I had money) I’d pick this one. It just had me awed from the beginning and is going right at the top of my wishlist thank you very much.



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Cover To Cover | Divergent

Cover To Cover is an original feature at Infinity Reads released every fortnight where we swoon over and analyse pretty covers of the same book.

I can’t believe I haven’t done a Cover To Cover on Divergent yet! so without much further ado these are the pretty covers of Divergent up on the market

The US Version


This has always been my favourite cover! The colours and the glossy texture when you hold it. Also, the contrast of the symbol in the middle mm.

The UK Edition


Now see nothing wrong with these covers but they’re just not as appealing as the US ones. The colours and shadows are fine but the font kind of erks me.

The “Adult” Edition


It’s listed as the adult edition on Goodreads, um okay? but I like this cover. It’s simple, we’ve got the fire going and the simple font as well.

The Film Tie-In Edition


Really? Four and Tris look a little superficial but the colours in the background are pretty and it’s a mediocre cover I guess.

The Other Film Tie-In Edition


I like this cover much better than the previous film tie-in. It’s so dark and badass and Tris looks gorgeous!

The French Edition


Upon first impression I was like “this cover looks so cool!”, but then the person makes the rating go down, I never did like people being on the covers of books. But the artwork and colour scheme is still cool!

The Serbian Edition


This cover is cool too! Again I like the Dauntless symbol in the foreground of the city landscape. The colour scheme is also cool and post apocalyptic.

The Verdict

If I were in a bookstore and I had to pick up one of these…it would be a very difficult choice. I can see myself picking all of these really

Which cover is your favourite?

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