7 Study Hacks Every College Student Should Know

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So after a year at college I have discovered some apps and resources that have been literal life savers throughout my time. These can also help someone in day to day life or even people in high school

Google Drive

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From storing personal files to backing up my academic work, I highly recommend exploring some kind of cloud storage. Google Drive has always been my go to because it’s linked to my Gmail account and it’s easy and it also means my work is secure in the cloud up there

Pro tip for college: ALWAYS back up your work

Google Docx

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Following on from that is google docx. These come most handy when you’re doing group or partner work as multiple people can edit the same document at the same time while being miles apart! Not only that but my friend and I would take lecture notes on the same doc so we were getting double the knowledge and double the insight


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Once you get to college handwritten notes become a scarcity which is why OneNote is the best platform I believe. Instead of having five hundred different word documents you have one space for all your subjects and all your week’s worth. It’s literally your one stop shop for note taking


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On my Windows 10 the sticky notes application comes installed but nonetheless, just having something up on your screen to jot down important times and dates is always handy. It’s also great for list making

Cite for me

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I don’t know how I went almost 20 years without this in my life. It creates your bibliography for you! you just select whether you want Harvard or MLA etc and fill in all the fields and voila!

Lost on campus

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This app is a lifesaver in terms of finding rooms and lecture theatres and even coffee shops on campus. What I love about this app is that it shows pictures of the place you’re trying to find which just makes it so much easier

Those are all the hacks I have for now, let me know what works for you!


5 Tips To Survive College Alone

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As daunting as college is on its own it’s even worse if you’re moving to a new place where you don’t happen to know anyone.

At least that’s what the misconception is

That is why your girl is here to clear up some things and give you some tips that might help you with college as well as school

Everyone is in the same boat

It might seem like everyone has their shit together but really they don’t. Heading into our 20s we’re all lost and there is nothing we’d love more than to meet people that can inspire us. So while it might seem like there’s not point making friends, trust me everyone is open to friendhsip

You have a long way to go

No matter what you’re studying or how long your degree is, when you start college you’re starting fresh. So don’t stress about knowing what exact job you wanna land in three years’ time. Enjoy the emotional highs and lows while they last

Be selective

In high school, you were stuck with the same concentrated group of people for a long time but in college you have freedom to join an older crowd or a younger crowd, you have freedom to explore interests that simply weren’t there in high school so make your choice!

Those are some things I’ve learnt over the year but seriously if you take it easy and handle every situation as it comes you’ll thrive because hey you made it this far in life